Unorganized Product Samples

Brands, retailers, and commercial studios work with thousands of product samples annually. With samples constantly flowing in and out of the content studio, it can be a painstaking task to keep track of individual items.

Common Obstacles

What's the problem (and our solution)?

Manually checking samples in and out cost time and error
With so many moving parts, it’s often difficult to quickly check in or out samples and make sure they get to where they need to go to be photographed. This includes keeping track of their physical location.
Our Solution: Barcode scanning and unlimited locations

In Creative Force, sample management is built into every workflow. Barcodes enable team members to track every sample throughout the entire production process, from check-in to on-set to storage and more. Stakeholders get full visibility into the production status of individual samples with real-time updates.

Samples can be organized into unlimited locations, sublocations, and containers, making them easy to track, no matter how many you have. Finally, with audible alerts, rule-based flow logic, and on-the-spot data edits, automation lowers the risk of mistakes.

Sample labels don’t include enough information
Often there is a limited amount of information on sample labels, meaning teams may not have enough information at their fingertips to quickly identify and route samples to the next step in production.
Our Solution: Custom sample labels and properties

Creative Force takes sample management to the next level by incorporating EAN codes, custom properties, and bespoke sample labels. With a quick scan, teams can see the brand, description, color, where it came from, product data, timing (including how long it’s available), and much more. 

Samples and production tasks are not linked
If sample management and production workflows aren’t fully integrated, it’s very difficult to get a quick snapshot of the production status of any given sample. Without a detailed and accurate picture of what needs to get done for each sample, shots might get missed. Or worse, samples might get sent back without ever being photographed.
Our Solution: Samples are tied directly to production tasks

All information about each sample is immediately and automatically uploaded to Creative Force. Each sample is tied to a dynamic style guide that determines the required production tasks, so it’s easy to track whether tasks are done, in progress, or not started.

If for some reason a sample is being checked out that hasn’t been shot, an alert will chime, making sure that the team is aware of the situation and can fix the issue. 

We only have one label scanner (and I don’t know where it is)
Custom sample labels are great, but if you don’t have (or more often, can’t find) a barcode scanner, it makes it very difficult to move to the next step in the workflow.
Our Solution: Creative Force Mobile App

The Creative Force mobile app makes it easy to turn any smartphone into a barcode scanner. Quickly scan barcodes wherever you are in the studio and see precisely where that item or container should go next.

And on the off chance you don’t have a barcode scanner or smartphone handy, you can always bulk upload a CSV file or manually type in product codes into Creative Force to track samples.

Mistakes throughout the check-in flow
Over time, manually entering sample information will lead to mistakes. These mistakes can be as simple as inputting the incorrect product number so that it appears that a sample hasn’t arrived yet when it’s actually on-site or the wrong sample gets used for a shoot. Even worse, if someone misses checking in a sample or box of items completely, it could result in items being shipped back without being shot at all.
Our Solution: Automated check-in/check-out system
Creative Force automates much of the check-in flow, ensuring teams have a real-time overview of all the samples. By leveraging barcode scanning and reducing manual inputs sample management teams can work faster, make fewer mistakes, and get a more accurate picture of their sample inventory.

A closer look

Sample management made simple

To streamline the production process and minimize errors, it is crucial to integrate studio-specific sample management into your creative production process. Let's examine how Creative Force handles physical samples.

Creative Force provides a robust sample management tool for content studios that allows for custom barcode printing. This connects physical samples to virtual records in Creative Force, ensuring an efficient and organized workflow.

Once the sample is linked to the virtual record, Creative Force automates file handling and production tasks. The barcode can be scanned to initiate photography, update the sample's location within the studio, or review assets.

Creative Force’s mobile app enables sample management on the go. It includes core functionalities like check-in, checkout, and location updates that make it easy to manage physical samples.

By leveraging the sample management tools in Creative Force, studio workflows can be improved, and automation possibilities can be unlocked. This allows your teams to prioritize tasks that matter to customers and stakeholders, ultimately enhancing overall efficiency.

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How to Automate Sample Management

Sample management is a complex process that requires a systematic and organized approach. Learn how Creative Force links physical samples to digital production workflows, enabling brands and retailers to streamline sample management and minimize errors.

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Questions? Let's ... expand.

How does Creative Force work?

To simplify things a bit, Creative Force enables and elevates what we call flow production – a collaborative and continuous way of producing content at scale, where assets are moved individually through the many stages of production, as soon as they're ready.

This is in contrast to traditional batch production, where a single production stage is completed for all assets before they advance to the next step. Flow production eliminates bottlenecks and hold-ups, and Creative Force supercharges that concept with automation, metadata enrichment, integrated review tools, and so much more.

How is Creative Force different?

Let's first differentiate between studio software and studio management software. Creative Force is studio management software that optimizes the processes around specific areas of studio operations, like sample management or post-production management – in some cases by integrating directly with studio software your team uses daily, such as Capture One or Photoshop.

Other studio software solutions do a fine job of solving problems within particular, well-defined areas of operation. But only Creative Force takes a holistic approach to studio operations and provides the tools to effectively increase productivity and visibility across the entire content creation process.

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Who can use Creative Force?

Creative Force is built to meet the needs of brands, retailers, and commercial studios engaged in high-volume content creation for eCommerce or editorial projects. If you work professionally with any of the above, chances are you'd see remarkable improvements to your workflows with Creative Force.

Every team from studio intake to styling to capture to post-production and beyond will benefit from the extensive workflow automation, increased production visibility, and many collaboration tools.

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