Take charge of your production schedule

Schedule products and resources for upcoming shoots in a dynamic production calendar


Dynamic production planning for eCommerce studios

Increase operational visibility across the studio
Schedule sets, products, and deliverables in advance

Get real-time tracking for day-of shoot production progress


Streamline your production calendar

  • At-a-glance overview of the production schedule
  • Link Creative Force production tasks to the production schedule
  • Assign resources like sets and team members
  • Build and save dynamic calendar views based on filters, including sets, assigned team members, clients, production types, and more
  • Monitor shoot progress in real-time


Plan ahead

Leverage detailed and flexible Session Cards to plan your production schedule.

  • Schedule dates and times
  • Book set locations
  • Assemble on-set teams
  • Assign products and deliverables
  • Identify double-bookings with alerts
planning_kelvin-planned-sessions (1)

Execute planned sessions

  • Load scheduled team, set, and
    shot list on-set automatically
  • Set teams can start work immediately based on the plan, without searching for assignments
  • The shot list and plan update instantly when new production tasks are added during the shoot (whether by the producer or on-set)

Maintain flexibility

Model out sick? Sample didn't arrive? Quickly update the schedule on-the-fly to adapt to changes.

  • Reschedule using drag-and-drop
  • Edit dates, times, team, sets, and products on-the-fly
  • Changes are instant, so the calendar is always up-to-date

Increase operational visibility

  • Visually track session progress on the production calendar
  • Identify unfinished work
  • Generate data-driven reports
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Gain Control and Clarity
with a Dynamic Production Calendar

Managing a large eCommerce studio can be challenging, especially when communication is scattered across multiple platforms like shared spreadsheets, email chains, and text messages.

Keeping everyone updated on the latest changes to the plan requires manual calendar updates and can become even more complicated with last-minute changes, missing samples, and incomplete shot lists.

Planning & Resources enables studio leaders to effortlessly schedule sets, products, production tasks, and assign team members using a dynamic production calendar. It facilitates the creation of hybrid teams, seamlessly incorporating internal employees, freelancers, models, and other vendors for each shoot.

With a clear overview of the production calendar, Planning & Resources empowers studios to efficiently manage schedules and effectively allocate team members and resources. This results in increased productivity and improved visibility across all studio operations.

Ready to explore Planning?

Our experts will show you how Planning can empower your teams to work faster, deliver superior results, and simplify production. Streamline your processes and reduce go-live time today.

  • Consolidate production data into a single, easy-to-use planning calendar
  • Simplify and streamline on-set production
  • Increase operational visibility

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