Insights and Reporting

If you don’t know what’s going on in your studio by the numbers, do you really know what’s going on? That’s not to say you can’t have a studio that’s working well without data, but it’s difficult to measure success in objective terms without it. In Creative Force, you have all the important key metrics and KPIs at your fingertips and in real-time.

Common Obstacles

What's the problem (and our solution)?

Complicated reporting
Many teams must manually create their own reports, wait until data transfers are complete before measuring results, or run complicated programs to get the information they need. By doing so, many reports are outdated or no longer relevant. Or worse, it’s too difficult to extract the needed information, and reporting on key metrics is not possible.
Our Solution: Real-time reporting

Because Creative Force is the backbone of your workflow and relies on automation to assist in your production processes, reporting is only a few clicks away and always accurate and up-to-date with the latest data.

Deciphering reports
Trying to understand pages of complicated spreadsheets is a nightmare for even the most analytically-minded. And without understanding, how do you get to the next step of actually implementing changes to improve production?
Our Solution: Clear report overviews
Creative Force connects with your existing tech stack and automatically creates multiple reports (including production, post-production vendor, data, and extension reports) so most of the information you need is immediately at your fingertips. You can also create custom reports to meet your team’s unique requirements.
Measuring Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
KPIs are important for measuring success, but if your current system (if there is one at all) doesn’t have reporting that’s easy to view and understand, it’s difficult to measure success and make improvements.
Our Solution: Overall operations performance
Creative Force measures production KPIs, including sample status, asset throughput, rejection rates, product lead time, vendor turnaround times, and more. Get insight into overall operations performance, including team and individual productivity. Identify bottlenecks and opportunities to improve efficiency. If you’re looking for more information on this, check out our Photo Studio KPI Guide.
Unattainable Goals
Most teams are being tasked with creating more content, faster, and at a lower cost, but if you don’t have the insights to identify opportunities to make process improvements that save time and resources, you have to guess what needs to be done. Sometimes this will work, but a lot of the time, you’ll waste valuable time and energy instead of seeing measurable progress.
Our Solution: End-to-end visibility

If you can’t see where you’ve been, you can’t see where you’re going. With Creative Force, you no longer have to wait for someone to deliver reports and insights.

The platform has real-time reporting that offers a complete overview of your entire studio’s inner workings. This means that you can set goals based on up-to-date stats. Your goals will not only be attainable, but clear and scalable.

A closer look

Automation Leads to Quick and Accurate Reports

Creative Force's automation and workflows mean you can get timely and accurate insights into your production with just a few clicks.

Creative Force eliminates the need for handling files or updating statuses. As work progresses, the production status of each task automatically updates. This automation allows you to get real-time reports and insights about almost every part of your production process.


Kanban Views Show Your Studio's Progress

One of the many ways you can get a high-level overview of your production is Kanban views. These views give you a Kanban-style overview (a style allowing team members to see the state of every piece of work at any time) of each step in your production process.

It highlights tasks that might need your attention, like samples that have been checked in but are at a standstill without moving forward in production longer than normal.

final selection

Deep Insights from Post-Production Vendor Reports

In the post-production vendor report, Creative Force can display data from several post-production vendors. This lets you get reports about asset throughput, rejection rates, and turnaround time for each vendor.

These are just some examples of the reports and insights available in Creative Force. It's possible because Creative Force is a complete end-to-end production software that keeps track of all samples and assets in production.

Feature Focus

Simplifying Reports and Insights

Many content studios depend on their team members to share individual updates, or they have to wait for data transfers to finish and create reports in spreadsheets by hand, which can be time-consuming.

This can lead to errors, outdated information, and it can also make the reporting process burdensome and challenging for your creative teams. At Creative Force, we’ve simplified the entire process to help your team get the information they need, exactly when they need it. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Creative Force, and how does it work?

Creative Force is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform that helps brands and retailers accelerate their eCommerce creative content production. It simplifies the process of planning and producing eCommerce content, improves cross-team collaboration, and ensures more transparency across every stage of production. With Creative Force, companies always deliver the highest-quality content on time and on budget.

Built on “flow production” principles, our platform utilizes intelligent automation to streamline workflows, resulting in consistent and repeatable processes. Creative Force also integrates seamlessly with existing systems, like Capture One and Adobe Creative Cloud, and features an intuitive interface.

How does flow production work?

In traditional batch production, all assets go through a single production stage before moving to the next step. This approach can lead to bottlenecks and delays. 

Creative Force simplifies content production through a continuous process called "flow production." This process involves moving individual assets through various production stages as soon as they are ready, resulting in an efficient and scalable content production workflow.

Who can use Creative Force?

Creative Force is for brands, retailers, and commercial studios with in-house or external teams that produce and manage eCommerce content, such as photography, video, and copywriting.

Creative Force provides intelligent workflow automation, enhanced production visibility, and a range of collaboration tools that benefit all teams, including studio intake, styling, capture, post-production, marketing, and more. By choosing Creative Force, you can scale your content production, gain better operational visibility, and speed up time-to-market.

Does Creative Force integrate with my existing systems?

Yes, Creative Force is designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing tech stack. We have industry-leading integrations with Capture One, Adobe Creative Cloud, and more.

The platform’s API-first architecture enables our customers to seamlessly connect with Digital Asset Management (DAM) systems, Product Information Management (PIM) systems, cloud storage platforms, and any other required destinations. 

Creative Force also makes it simple to work with external post-production vendors via FTP or API integrations.

Finally, our VPI Management extension makes it simple to work with product vendors to request, receive, and manage vendor-provided images (VPI).

What kind of support can I expect?

We understand that implementing a new system can be challenging, but our team is here to make the process as seamless and stress-free as possible. Our onboarding team will work closely with your team to set up Creative Force and empower your future success.

After onboarding, your Customer Success Manager will check in regularly. Our customer support team is also available 24/5 to help you with any product questions or concerns. In addition, we offer self-paced learning resources such as academy courses, help center documentation, and other materials to help you along your Creative Force journey.

In addition to providing best-in-class customer support, we continuously update our platform with new features and improvements. Our biweekly releases can be easily installed without interrupting your work.