Manage Your Looks with an Easy-to-Manage Styling Wardrobe

If your studio shoots apparel on-figure, then you know there are unique tools and resources your team needs to produce the best possible imagery. One of those tools might be a styling closet or a styling wardrobe. These are garments you keep on hand for a season or longer, to complete an outfit when a sellable product may not be available or fit the aesthetic.

These pieces are valuable resources for your studio. That's why they should be managed and tracked, just like any other piece of apparel. With Creative Force, you have the ability to do it.

Track Your Styling Closet with Creative Force

The idea is as simple as it sounds. Built into Creative Force is the ability to keep product records for items that belong to the studio, even if they're not sellable apparel or accessories. In Creative Force, you have the ability to put together outfits. This tells the platform, and your customers, what products, in addition to the main product being sold, are contained in an image. But you may not always be able to make an outfit with only sellable products.

By maintaining a styling wardrobe in Creative Force, you ensure that your teams are always working with complete looks and that there's knowledge as to what items are in an image. The styling wardrobe allows you to pre-style a complete outfit and load that into the platform, giving your prep teams a way to make sure product and wardrobe are on the right set at the right time.

Creating an Outfit

Sometimes things look better on paper than in the actual images, so outfits can be updated in real-time, in both Kelvin and Gamma, with new product or wardrobe pieces. This gives your photographers, stylists, and art directors the accurate product information they need to create great-looking images.

Updating an Outfit