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By connecting Creative Force directly to a data source with a light integration you can automatically feed product information into the platform, that will continue to be up-to-date as the data source is continually monitored. With a connected data source, starting a new job can be as simple as scanning a product label.

Find out Creative Force can free your photographers to focus on the capture with a desktop app that provides the right style guide, matches capture to the assigned shot list, and uploads as you shoot.

Whether you use an in-house team, an external service, or some combination, Creative Force has a workflow to cover your needs and can handle all of it in a single system to provide you the visibility you need to ensure your images get where they need to go.

Link physical samples to a virtual record to make managing them easy – simply scan the barcode to begin photography, update the sample location or place within the studio, and review assets that have been created. Also utilize the robust sample management tool for custom barcode printing with file handling and production updates handled automatically.

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Learn how to enforce direction and embrace change in Creative Force with easily updatable digital style guides that give the right people the right info at the right time.

Set up as many end-to-end workflows as you need to guide your production processes for everything from sample management to final asset delivery. Find out how they work alongside your style guides to automatically assign product types to the appropriate workflow.

Creating a production job in Creative Force is as simple as uploading a document with product information or even more automated as a full integration through the API. Import pertinent information you need about products and then later use that information in your assets' metadata or in output directories and file naming.

Ensure production kicks off seamlessly with flexible check-in workflows to support your specific requirements-including a simple check-in, a check-in that creates and prints customized barcodes, and even the ability to update specific properties upon check-in.

Easily build outfits around a primary product in the system with other samples in the outfit recorded as secondary products for the asset. Looks can also be pre-styled and uploaded as a part of the job import.

Built-in to Creative Force is the ability to manage and track styling garments with their own unique product records so you can be sure you can style complete looks for every outfit. Pre-styled outfits can be loaded into the system so your prep teams can ensure needed wardrobe items are on set at the right time.

Whether you are working with an internal team, a remote freelancer, or a hybrid approach that includes an external service provider, Creative Force offers flexible post-production workflows to cover your needs and integrates with the tools and resources that you already use and love.

Integrating external vendors into your Creative Force workflow is simple – add as many vendors as you need, set them up to receive images from Creative Force by FTP or API integration, and once they’re done they’ll flow back into the system. You can also customize your workflows based on product type, production process, or clients, and can even set up a workflow to load balance between vendors in the case of overflow.

Gain a sense of control over your production with a high-level real-time overview of its status. Create and save as many customized views as you need for quick one-click access and easily run reports with timely data that updates as production occurs.

Review the status of any production task at a glance with “To Do,” “Doing,” and “Done” columns. Views are updated in real-time, reflecting up-to-date production status for each task in your studio, making it very easy to not only get a high-level sense of the workload for each task but sample-specific information.

Set up flexible approval processes with intuitive kanban views. You can even invite external clients to approve selects during the creative process with role-based access control.

View and organize all of your assets in Creative Force and in completely customizable ways. Create and save views based on advanced filters for date range, production step, talent, clients, style guides and much more. Instantly print contact sheets.

Learn how asset naming happens automatically, according to your style guide setup, eliminating errors, or worse, files that can’t be found because they were named incorrectly.

Upon final approval of your images, assets are simply delivered automatically with no manual uploads and no manual file handling. Delivery methods are defined by your workflows and can be customized by client to even include as many delivery destinations as needed. With our API-first architecture, Creative Force can connect to any DAM system, cloud storage platform, or other destination you might need.

Discover how Creative Force eliminates all manual entry for image metadata by automatically adding through the system. Also find out how you can create custom namespace properties for all the information you need: on set crew, sample and product information, outfit properties to enable ‘shop the look,’ and much more.

Creative Force handles traffic control for all files in the system, both in progress and final assets, eliminating all manual file handling. Plus, file naming happens automatically across the platform based on your naming conventions and image metadata is added by the system. Files are then uploaded and downloaded in the background for immediate access by other users.

Quickly and easily set up as many clients as you need, with their own associated workflows and style guides, keeping things organized and easy to reference. Plus, learn how you can benefit from the multiclient capabilities even if your production is entirely in-house for unique products or special collections.

With the Creative Force mobile app, you have access to a detailed look at up-to-date production statuses whether working remotely or as you walk the studio floor using barcode scanning. Stylists can use the app to quickly and easily create pre-styled outfits, ready for your onset team, without ever needing a computer. Plus a number of other features are included that streamline and simplify production.

Easily accept vendor images by inviting them to directly upload images that enter into your QC and approval pipeline, making sure the right team members review the images and approve them before becoming a part of your asset library. The Vendor Portal features a mass upload tool equipped with file validation and auto-mapping, to ensure that the vendor provided assets to meet your requirements and contain the proper metadata to flow smoothly.

Creative Force has robust settings to build out customized user roles with specific permissions to view and edit anything on the platform. This allows you to manage access to the platform in a way that empowers your team members while also protecting sensitive data and functions.

Take complete control of your end-to-end production process with easy access to accurate and up-to-date reports on nearly any studio metric. With automated updates based on event triggers, you'll have all the real-time status information you need about all of your products, samples, assets, and your team's productivity.