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Creative Force Automatically Delivers Final Assets Quickly

You've checked the samples, prepped the product, and created great images to support your brand or client. But your job isn't over. As a production studio, one of your most important steps is delivering those assets accurately and in a timely manner.

With Creative Force it's an integrated part of your workflow, without any extra touch points.

Set Delivery Details in Your Workflow

In Creative Force, you control how and where your assets are delivered, as part of your established workflows. These can be customized by client, with the ability to designate multiple destinations within one workflow.

This means that your assets are delivered automatically upon final approval of images, according to your specifications. There are no manual uploads. In fact, there's no file handling at all. By completing the steps outlined in your workflow, you trigger final asset delivery.

"You control how and where your assets are delivered, [customizable] by client, with the ability to designate multiple destinations."

Manage the Assets You Deliver

With Creative Force's API-first architecture, the platform can build connections to virtually anything you use for asset management, from DAM systems to cloud storage providers.

Creative Force believes technology should reduce error potential and free your studio teams to focus on creating. With automatic asset delivery, you can be sure that your content will be delivered on time, to the right place, and with the correct name.

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