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Managing physical samples through the production process is a critical task for any high volume product studio. In this public demo and Q&A with Creative Force Chief Evangelist Daniel Jester and Product Manager Sarah Uriarte, we’ll show you how Creative Force tackles the complexities of sample management, making it easier to track physical goods throughout your studio. 

In this 1-hour demo we’ll cover:

  • Photo studio sample management basics
  • Linking physical samples with digital production workflows
  • Support for existing SKU/UPC/EAN tags and creating custom barcodes
  • Locations, sublocations, and containers
  • On the fly sample management with the Creative Force mobile app
…And more

Stay tuned after the demo for a live Q&A to get all your sample management questions answered. We hope to see you then.
Daniel Jester
Chief Evangelist
Creative Force
Sarah Uriarte
Product Specialist
Creative Force