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Empower Your On-Set Photography Team with Automation

Daniel Jester
Daniel Jester
Creative Force

What you'll learn

  • Check-in product samples directly on-set
  • Integrate with Capture One or Lightroom 
  • Organize your shot list with drag and drop
  • Automate file handling and naming in the cloud
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On-set production is a complex process for many content studios, involving advanced technical setups, shot lists, style guides, and product samples. In addition, shoots often involve a variety of staff and freelancers, like producers, art directors, digitechs, photographers, stylists, models, and more.

Join us for an informative demo and an interactive Q&A session to learn how Creative Force can help your studio optimize on-set production with our industry expert, Creative Force Chief Evangelist Daniel Jester. 

He’ll demonstrate Creative Force’s Kelvin app, which integrates with industry-standard tools, allowing teams to use familiar software while benefiting from guided workflow and automation.

In this 1-hour demo, we’ll cover how to:

  • Work seamlessly with your preferred capture software (e.g., Capture One, Lightroom) 
  • Check-in product samples on-set
  • Log the team on-set
  • Provide clear directions specific to each sample, including number of images, Style Guides, and reference images for styling decisions 
  • Drag and drop images into a shot list
  • Automatically name and send images to the next step in the workflow once requirements are met
  • Customize workflow settings determine the photographer's permissions, such as making final selections or providing recommendations for image alternatives

Stay tuned after the demo for a live Q&A to get all your on-set production questions answered.

Don't miss this opportunity to learn how to boost your team’s on-set productivity and meet deadlines. Reserve your spot now!

Daniel Jester
Daniel Jester
Chief Evangelist
Creative Force