Amplience - Automated media delivery services for a modern commerce experience.

Amplience provides an API-first, integrated CMS and DAM combined with highly performant, automated media and experience delivery services, for a modern commerce experience. Built on a MACH architecture, Amplience delivers speed, agility, and scalability for your commerce experience. Solutions include:

  • Content Management Solution
  • Content Hub DAM
  • Asset Delivery Automation
  • Asset/Image Optimization
How Amplience + Creative Force Integrates to Streamline Your eCommerce Content Creation

Creative Force customers can now seamlessly deliver assets directly from CF to Amplience with the new Asset Delivery Connector, eliminating the need for manual image transfer methods such as FTP and S3. In addition to delivering assets, this feature can also transmit metadata via API to Amplience, providing a comprehensive and streamlined asset delivery solution.

  • Create studio-through-site workflows
  • Deliver complete, metadata-rich assets directly to single source of truth for all content across the entire business
  • Eliminate the need for manual image transfer methods such as FTP and S3
  • Eliminate the need for creating multiple assets for different channels
About Amplience

Region: North America, EMEA

Category: Content Management Solution, Digital Asset Management



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