2020 felt like the year that lasted years and for e-commerce, that was almost true.

Last year accelerated digital transformation more in 5 months than the previous 5 years and the rise and dominance of e-commerce in 2020 will be one of many long-lasting effects of the year that wouldn’t end.

So what do the rapid digital transformation and increased investment in e-commerce already underway, by retailers and brands alike, mean for content creation in 2021 and beyond?

To prepare you for the new face of e-commerce and content creation, Creative Force is launched a series of three webinars in 2021 (plus a bonus session added!) hosted by creative + studio operations expert, Clair Carter-Ginn.

Over the course of the series, we brought together seasoned experts from global leaders in e-commerce, photo studio operations, and digital-first strategies to share their insights and advice as well as how they planned (and continue to, because well, 2020) for the year ahead.

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