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The AI Creative Wave: Navigating New Roles, Opportunities & Challenges

60 min
Juliana Vail
Juliana Vail by Creative Force
Nish Patel
Nish Patel

What you'll learn

  • Learn about the principles and models for implementing AI technologies within your organization
  • Understand the integration of AI in creative roles and how current titles and roles may evolve
  • Discover the future of content creation and customer experiences
  • Engage in a live Q&A session with AI experts
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What impact will AI have on creative roles? How should organizations approach this fundamental shift in their creative operations?

Join us for a live event with Nish Patel, the host of the podcast, and Juliana Vail, Managing Director of, where they will discuss this new wave of AI-based tech disruption and take your questions live.

What to Expect
During this exclusive fireside chat, Nish and Juliana will have a thought-provoking discussion on the influence of AI on creative processes, including:
  • The current and evolving landscape of AI in creative operations
  • AI's impact on job titles and responsibilities in traditional creative roles
  • Strategies for how creative teams and their wider organizations can adapt to AI tools and workflows
  • The balance between technology and human ingenuity 
  • The future of content creation and customer experiences
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Nish Patel
Nish Patel hosts the CreativeOps podcast and is a leading voice in the emerging field of creative operations. He has delivered insights at dozens of conferences and webinars. He has previously operated and led SaaS, data analytics and consulting companies to successful growth and acquisitions. 
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Juliana Vail
Juliana Vail is an AI expert with 18 years of experience in the tech and fashion industry. As the Managing Director at, she leads a team that develops advanced AI solutions for e-commerce content creation. Juliana previously held senior roles at Farfetch and, managing creative operations and driving innovation and growth. Follow Juliana on LinkedIn Podcast
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Juliana Vail
Juliana Vail
Senior Director of Emerging Tech by Creative Force
Nish Patel
Nish Patel
AI Expert and Host at Podcast