Creative Force Awarded 8 New G2 Badges - Spring 2023

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There's nothing better than a quarterly reminder that our customers are happy with our product. G2 just released their Spring 2023 Grid Report and Creative Force returns to the leader board. Across 3 categories, we received 8 badges awarding the work we've done over the last 3 months. 

The Badges Include:

  • Leader - PIM Category
  • Leader - Small Business Subcategory of the PIM Category
  • Momentum Leader - PIM Category
  • Best Support - Small Business Subcategory of the PIM Category
  • Easiest to Use - Small Business Subcategory of the PIM Category
  • High Performer - DAM Category
  • High Performer - Creative Management Platform Category
  • Easiest to Do Business With - Creative Management Platform Category

How Does Creative Force Earn G2 Awards?

G2 measures satisfaction ratings provided by verified end users. Feedback scores are scored across areas like, "Product Going in the Right Direction," "Ease of Doing Business With," and "Quality of Support."

Currently, Creative Force is sitting at a 4.7 out of 5 stars on and we have 50 reviews. We're hoping over the next few months we see those reviews continue to grow and inch closer to 5 out of 5. 

But first, let's chat about our new badges! 


_Leader_ in the PIM Category_Leader_ in the Small Business Subcategory of PIM Category

We're extremely happy to announce that for the first time, we've entered the leader category in Product Information Management (PIM) and in the Small Business sub-category of PIM. 

To do so, we received high customer satisfaction scores and have a large Market Presence. 100% of our users rated it 4 or 5 stars, 100% of users believe it is headed in the right direction, and 95% of users said they would be likely to recommend Creative Force. 

Momentum Leader

_Momentum Leader_ in the PIM Category

Another exciting win was in the Momentum Leader in the PIM category. We had extremely high scores across our social growth and web growth over the past 3 months due to another high score, our employee growth.

For G2's Momentum Leader badge, scores are calculated by a proprietary algorithm that factors in the 3 focuses above as well as review data that they have deemed influential in a company’s momentum. 

One such review data stated, "The Creative Force platform offers all parts of photo production, from shooting to quality checks and post production. Everything is combined into one platform." And we believe that with this single platform, the momentum is only getting started. 

Best Support

_Best Support_ in the Small Business Subcategory of PIM Category

Best Support in the Small Business subcategory of the PIM category.

To us, this is one of the most important awards we could receive. Whether you're starting out on our platform or a year in, we are always there to support our users.

We believe that our clients deserve to chat with a real person at Creative Force within two minutes, wherever they are in the world. If it's a question on how something works, thoughts on the best use-case for something, or simply help in understanding a piece of the program, we're here for our customers. 

Time and time again in the reviews we see comments like this one, "The CF team is also incredibly responsive and helpful in answering questions and helping us tailor our workflow." That makes us proud and happy. 

Easiest To Use

_Easiest to Use_ in the Small Business Subcategory of PIM Category

This is another big win in the Small Business sub-catagory of the PIM category. Creating an end-to-end workflow for eCommerce content creation is no small task, so when our users continue to come back saying that it's easy to use, we couldn't be prouder. One reviewer really dialed it in, saying, "You can tell Creative Force is developed by industry pros with extensive e-commerce backgrounds. Nine times out of ten, there's a solution to your specific problem already built into the system, and if there's not, the Creative Force team will work with you to build it."

If you're a user, we'd love to chat about any ways we could make it even easier for you. If you're considering becoming a user and have questions or suggestions for how to make it easier for you, we're ready to listen. 

High Performer

_High Performer_ in the Creative Management Platform Category

The High Performer in the Digital Asset Management (DAM) and the Creative Management Platform categories is based around a lot of things from quality of support to ease of use and doing business with. 

We talk about flow a lot with Creative Force and being able to move through production seamlessly. For us, being a high performer means enabling our clients to get stuff done easier and faster, all while maintaining or improving quality. With reviews like this, we couldn't be more proud: "Before, I could not expect to have images ready on the same day as they have being shot, but now this is actually possible. Thus, instead of having to wait to process all the images at once in the end of the day, I export and upload just a few images at a time and I can put the clothes on the mannequin while the files are being exported from my software, which makes my flow faster."

Easiest to do Business With

_Easiest to Do Business with_ in the Creative Management Platform Category

Another win in the Creative Management Platform category. From initial conversations to setup and administration and the whole way through implementation and beyond, it's wonderful to hear that our customers think we're easy to work with. You can have a good product, but bad service, or a great team, but mediocre software – we're happy to report that we scored high marks in both. 

We hope to make all customers feel what this reviewer did: "They have an excellent knowledge of the fashion development cycle (a plus) and have a network of high-volume photo studio customers (they understood our requirement on day 1)."

We're Just Getting Warmed Up

We are excited about the next steps of our journey and we're excited to see how you use the program to help your own workflows. 

Learn more about Creative Force and read through more reviews on our G2 profile or on our dedicated reviews-page.