Creative Force Continues Its Run on Quarterly G2 Awards in Summer '22


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Customer feedback is highly valued at Creative Force—we've truly oriented our platform's functionality around input from our users—and news of customer satisfaction brings tremendous joy to the team. So to learn that G2, the leading peer-to-peer technology review site, has again awarded Creative Force with five quarterly awards in Summer 2022, was just the latest evidence that our customer-first mindset is rightly our highest priority.

Each of the five G2 awards we've been awarded in previous quarters have been earned once again, keeping our winning streak alive. Those winning streak awards are High Performer, Highest User Adoption, Best Support, Easiest to Do Business, and Users Love Us.

How Does Creative Force Earn G2 Awards?

G2 confers its quarterly awards by measuring satisfaction ratings provided by verified end users. Feedback scores in areas such as "Product Going in the Right Direction," "Ease of Doing Business With," and "Quality of Support" helped Creative Force retain its distinctions.

High Performer

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The intuitive and user-friendly design along with a dedicated customer success team have helped Creative Force keep its streak going on G2's High Performer award.

According to one Creative Force user who is an administrator in the apparel & fashion industry, "Creative Force won't automatically solve any problems you have. What it will allow is great oversight and visibility to understand where you need to center your and your team's attention. The team at Creative Force is focused on making everyone in studios' lives as easy as possible. That shines through both in the system itself and conversations with the Creative Force Team."

Highest User Adoption

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The Creative Force platform is meant to be an indispensable part of our users' day-to-day, making them effortlessly more efficient and happier in their work. It's a testament to the product's usefulness that we once again earned the badge for Highest User Adoption.

One reviewer on G2, Jordan C, shares a big part of why end user adoption is so high: "if you are looking for an intuitive piece of software, then look no further. Creative Force is a great tool that has increased my productivity tremendously." There you have it, easy to use and increased productivity contribute to Creative Force easily winning over creative teams.

Best Support

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It's important that Creative Force users feel good about their experience. It's technology, so there are going to be questions and—it sounds crazy, but it's possible—an occasional hiccup. The more critical issue is where a company goes from there, what it does to satisfy users.

On that topic, one G2 reviewer who works in apparel and fashion administration, appreciates just "how quick to reply, supportive, and friendly everyone at Creative Force has been to both myself and the team."

Easiest to Do Business With

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Positive client relationships are prioritized, not just with support protocol but throughout the user's journey with the platform and the team.

"As you need something special for your process, [they] are always open to new ideas, and maybe it's so good that they put it into the next sprint already," said one G2 reviewer, an unnamed administrator in apparel and fashion. "You get updates every two weeks, and that's just awesome!"

Users Love Us

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It's never time to rest on past success, but the good news is that the Creative Force "free your creatives" mentality is effective. It's why, as one aptly named award says, Users Love Us.

Another user loves us because of how we grow and evolve based on the needs and requests of our customers. Reviewer Marlena K writes that Creative Force is "fantastic because many new features and improvements have been added [based on] what we requested!"

Never Satisfied with Past Success We're Always Looking Forward

The Creative Force team is committed to ensuring our customers are successful right alongside us. Maintaining a mindset that prioritizes our customers' success, our team wants to see this streak extended through more reviews of satisfied users in each of the quarters ahead.

Learn more about Creative Force and read through all of the reviews yourself, check out our profile on G2.