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G2 Awards Creative Force 3 Top Distinctions for Fall 2021

Creative Force, the leading workflow management solution for e-commerce content creation, has received High Performer, Best Support, and Easiest to Do Business With awards as part of G2's Fall 2021 Grid Report for product information management. This marks the second consecutive quarter Creative Force has earned each of these three distinctions. 

How Did Creative Force Earn its G2 Awards?

G2 tabulates its quarterly awards from satisfaction ratings provided by the site's users. The results in three user satisfaction categories especially boosted Creative Force to its awards. In the areas of "Product Going in the Right Direction," "Ease of Doing Business With," and "Quality of Support," Creative Force received 100-percent approval ratings from G2 respondents.

Creative Force Retains Three Awards

With three perfect user satisfaction scores, along with other high marks for "Ease of Setup" and "Ease of Use," Creative Force was able to hold onto three awards earned in the summer quarter.

Easiest to Do Business With


Among G2 respondents, it's unanimous: it's easy to work with Creative Force. This award reflects our commitment to providing an end-to-end solution that extends beyond the software to the relationships we form with our customers.

"Our team shares a belief that's simple and, I'd say, resonates with the industry we serve: that technology for creatives should be genuinely pleasant to use, from purchase to implementation to ongoing support, and that, we're here to do whatever we can to ensure our customers are successful," said Matthias Farenholtz, Creative Force Head of Onboarding and Customer Success.

Best Support


It pays to be nice and knowledgeable. Creative Force's perfect score for the quality of customer support helped bring back the Best Support award for fall 2021. "We want our community of users to know we don't just sell a product and move on to the next prospective sale, we are here to build long-lasting relationships with all of our users," said Ian Mitchell, Creative Force Senior Customer Experience Manager. "We're with our customers for good, making sure life is consistently easier when you use Creative Force to manage your studio, by making every interaction a positive one."

High Performer


Clean design, attentive support, and a straightforward implementation helped Creative Force bring back the overall High Performer award for product information management in the fall of 2021

"The High Performer award feels like the culmination of endless attention to detail-anticipating what photo studios need to accomplish and how their teams want to work," said Tejs Rasmussen, Creative Force's Chief Product Officer. "What features will they appreciate and how are their ways of working evolving? We make an end-to-end solution so have to remain focused on supporting the entire creative production process while developing for our customers' future needs. We're very fortunate to have that effort recognized with this award and the acknowledgment that our 'product is going in the right direction.' "

Users Love Us


Along with the three badges brought back from the past quarter, a new one, Users Love Us, was awarded to Creative Force in the fall of 2021. "We want our users to know the love goes both ways," said Thomas Kragelund, Creative Force CEO. "We're so impressed by the work they do too and so proud to serve them. One of our mantras is 'free your creatives'-we partner with our customers to eliminate the challenges that stand in the way of letting their creatives focus on the work they love. We love that users love us for it."

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