Spring '22 Brings More G2 Awards to Creative Force


Creative Force continued its streak of quarterly accolades from G2, the leading peer-to-peer review website for business software. In the category of product information management (PIM), Creative Force's end-to-end studio management platform earned High Performer, Best Support, and Easiest to Do Business With badges for a fourth straight quarter. In a sign of the platform's popularity among users, Creative Force also CFearned its first Highest User Adoption badge.

A Hot Streak Continues, with a New Addition Too

Creative Force staked its reputation on being responsive to customer feedback—building features that creative production studios truly want and adding functionality as requested by legacy clients. That ethos, established at Creative Force's founding, has continued on in a customer service mindset that helps the company earn accolades, like these G2 badges.

Easiest to Do Business With

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Photo studios creating e-commerce and editorial content need more than a platform. They need a partner. That's why Creative Force is proud to retain G2's Easiest to Do Business With badge.

"As you need something special for your process, the guys from Creative Force are always open to new ideas, and maybe it's so good that they put it into the next sprint already," said one G2 reviewer, an unnamed administrator in apparel and fashion. "You get updates every two weeks, and that's just awesome!"

Best Support

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That ethos of being responsive to customers helps Creative Force impress, quarter after quarter, with the team behind the in-app support. For a fourth straight quarter, Creative Force earned a G2 badge for Best Support.

When asked about a favorite aspect of Creative Force, G2 reviewer Niels V., a photo studio manager, said it's "the UX, and their attitude towards supporting the client and improvement."

It's a sentiment echoed by another G2 reviewer who works in apparel and fashion administration, appreciating "how quick to reply, supportive, and friendly everyone at Creative Force has been to both myself and the team."

High Performer

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Even the user interface of the Creative Force platform is shaped by the company's continuous emphasis on customer service. There's a constant pursuit to make a user's most common paths within the platform clear and convenient. The result? Ease of use for teams on Creative Force.

"The software can be used in any customer process and is easy to use," says Florian W., a product manager writing to G2. "With reports you can understand exactly where you have room for improvement. With no other software, can we offer the customer more transparency and show how good and fast we can produce."

Highest User Adoption

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Because Creative Force is operated by a team with studio experience, the end-to-end studio management platform shows an understanding for how studio teams operate—with multi-site teams that blend staffers and freelancers. This show of understanding helped Creative Force add a new badge, Highest User Adoption, for the Spring quarter.

Reviewer Marlena K., a senior digital content specialist, credits Creative Force with expediting work, "from the checked-in products to the final step—asset delivery, it covers our workflow completely."

The platform helps this studio coordinate people across all roles. "It makes the work of coordinators, photographers, stylists, retouchers and quality control teams easier," Marlena K., says.

Looking Forward to Continued Success

The Creative Force team is committed to ensuring our customers are successful right along side us. Maintaining a mindset that prioritizes our customers' success, our team wants to see this streak extended through more the reviews of satisfied users in each of the quarters ahead.

Learn more about Creative Force and read through all of the reviews yourself, check out our profile on G2.