Introducing Shot Lists: Upgrade Your On-Set Workflow with Kelvin v5

Introducing Shot Lists in Creative Force

At Creative Force, we understand that on-set photography teams want to get started shooting as quickly as possible and not be constrained by software limitations.

That's why we're excited to introduce a game-changing feature in our on-set photography app, Kelvin, that will help on-set teams be even more efficient in their daily work: shot lists.

Challenge: What do we have to shoot today?

Shot lists often exist in different systems, making it difficult for on-set teams to get a clear understanding of their tasks for the day. Teams waste time scanning products one-by-one or switching back and forth between programs, preventing them from focusing on their primary task: capturing best-in-class product images and videos.

Solution: Shot lists in Creative Force

With Kelvin v5, we've addressed this problem head-on, and the solution is simple, yet powerful. No more manual editing of spreadsheets or juggling between different tools to manage your shot list.


Import shot lists in bulk

If your shot list exists in another tool, such as a spreadsheet, you can now copy your list of product codes and directly paste them into Creative Force. Kelvin will work its magic and all production tasks will be automatically populated into your shot list.

If you have our newly launched Planning extension, you can automatically load shot lists based on the Sessions your team has planned in advance.


Visually track progress

Keeping tabs on your progress is essential. With the shot list integrated into Kelvin, on-set teams can now visually track their progress against the list. It's a real-time, at-a-glance overview of your day's work.

Filter images automatically

Another time-consuming task on set is scrolling or searching by product code to find the right images to transfer. We've eliminated this hassle.

Automatically filter your watch folder for product images named with the active product code. Click on the desired product code in the new Shot List, and watch your images filter automatically. No more manual searching by file name – it's that simple!

With Kelvin v5, say goodbye to scattered shot lists and hello to a seamless, efficient workflow that allows on-set teams to focus on creating outstanding content.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates from Creative Force

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