PixelModa - The future of fashion digital omnicontent production.

Starting from its Milan roots, PixelModa has become the global leader in fashion e-commerce digital production, creating content for the largest luxury and apparel brands. Shooting in 14 international locations, PixelModa collects products at the clients' warehouses anywhere in three continents and delivers the highest quality digital content (pictures and video) with a user-friendly process and unbeatable prices.
Adding Creative Force to their best-in-class tech stack and paired with their extensive industry insights, clients can effortlessly externalize production and file handling, freeing up time and resources optimizing the production process. 
Creative Force is proud to support PixelModa as it continues to expand globally, while allowing us to more easily service the Italian market.
How PixelModa + Creative Force Work Together to Streamline Your eCommerce Content Creation
  • With their vast experience in production for the top fashion houses in Italy, and their 14 different locations globally, PixelModa can bring the highest quality creative direction and services to your brand, anywhere in the world. 
  • Along with top quality developed over years working with the largest global luxury brands, PixelModa’s vast reach allows for 24/6/362 operation, able to staff 50+ trained FTEs within hours to a single client, that pairs with Creative Force’s workflow management capabilities for vastly improved turnaround times.
  • PixelModa’s leadership position in the industry enables unrivaled prices without compromising on quality and service, now enhanced by the use of Creative Force’s solution in all of their locations worldwide.

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About PixelModa

Region: Worldwide

Category: Studio

Contact Info: Fabio Loparco fabio.loparco@pixelmoda.net 

Website: www.pixelmoda.net 


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