Creative Force: 2023 Year in Review

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As we close the book on 2023, let's look back at what has been a milestone year for Creative Force. It's been a year of innovation, collaboration, and transformation, and we couldn't have done it without our fantastic community. Here are some of our key product highlights from the last 12 months.

Video Capabilities

One of Creative Force's biggest goals for 2023 was to go beyond just being an industry-leading workflow solution for photography production - we wanted to be able to support all content production. That's why we jump-started the year by launching support for end-to-end video production. We did this by following the same principles of flow production upon which we were founded, coupled with cloud-based capabilities designed to help organizations scale as needed.

This level of real-time video production management is unheard of across the retail space, so we're incredibly excited to introduce it in 2023 and expand its capabilities throughout the year and into the future.

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Planning Calendar

Managing the production schedule for eCommerce content studios can often be complex, demanding, and just plain daunting - that's why we introduced our new Planning module this year. This game-changing capability brought an intuitive production planning calendar view into our web application, condensing multiple streams of production data into something easily adjusted, monitored, and integrated into the rest of your end-to-end workflow process.

We've already seen early returns from customers utilizing Planning in new and exciting ways, and we can't wait to show you all the updates we have planned for the module in 2024 and beyond!

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The Launch of


In August, we welcomed Juliana Vail to Creative Force to help us launch, our new AI solutions marketplace. Dreem aims to use artificial intelligence to disrupt eCommerce content production by expanding and enhancing Creative Force's industry-leading production management solution. This collaboration will enable our customers to rapidly expand their businesses and meet the ever-increasing demands of the eCommerce sector. has already delivered its first AI solution through our recently launched Copywriting functionality! Read on to learn more.

AI-Powered Copywriting 

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We'd seen first-hand the challenges many studios face with text-based asset production. With the introduction of Copywriting for Creative Force, we aimed to make the process seamless. Like with our industry-leading video and photography production workflows, Copywriting slots directly into our web platform, centralizing the work of copywriting teams while providing a fully-customizable grid layout to standardize the work they deliver. This was all done with a singular focus: ensuring higher-quality, consistent work across your organization.

Copywriting also features industry-first AI capabilities around predictive product descriptions, allowing teams to generate and then iterate content immediately from a few simple prompts. This is all made possible by our integration with

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Upgrading Kelvin to v5


We know on-set photography teams want to get started shooting as quickly as possible without technical limitations getting in the way. When we launched the new version of our on-set photography application this year, we wanted to use the opportunity to help these teams focus more on the work they are passionate about and less on administrative tasks.

We introduced a new Shot List feature that allows teams to import shot lists into Kelvin in bulk. This feature enables the on-set teams to visually track the progress of shoots within the application, which results in a seamless and efficient workflow. By using this feature, teams can focus on creating outstanding content without worrying about keeping track of shots manually.

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Looking back on 2023, we are proud of the progress we have achieved and the impact we have had on the many retailers and brands we support. Our commitment to empowering creative teams worldwide to create, manage, transform, and deliver eCommerce content at scale is reflected in the advancements we made this year, both visible and behind the scenes.

Here's to a 2024 filled with even more innovation and success!