Introducing Copywriting for Creative Force

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Accelerate your Copywriting workflow to deliver a faster, easier, and more collaborative production process, powered by artificial intelligence

We’ve seen first-hand the challenges many studios face with text-based asset production. Separated from visual asset production such as photography and videos, copywriting tasks are often managed across various spreadsheets, word documents, and even PIM systems, creating a disjointed, overly-complicated process for taking assets from iteration to final selection. This makes it impossible for studio managers and business leaders to track what’s being produced and when, or if it’s even being completed on-time and to request.

It’s for all these reasons and more that we’re thrilled to announce Copywriting for Creative Force, our latest content extension that expands our industry-leading, end-to-end workflow automation platform to include text-based asset production. By centralizing your teams’ work in one place, Copywriting breaks down common production bottlenecks and allows you to produce all of your assets in tandem. With built-in tracking and quality control, as well as AI enrichment that allows your teams to quickly iterate and improve product descriptions in seconds, you’ll be able to completely streamline your copywriting production, cutting down production costs and get products online faster than ever before.

According to Tejs Rasmussen, CTO at Creative Force:

“Copywriting from Creative Force represents our commitment to delivering unparalleled end-to-end flexibility to thebrands, retailers, and studios that rely on our product to do their day-to-day work. By taking a customer-first approach in how we develop and implement our products – talking with customers to learn about their biggest production pain points then directly addressing them within these new extensions – we hope to continue to move towards a future where organizations around the world can centralize all of their end-to-end studio processes directly into our platform.” 

Read below to learn how Copywriting for Creative Force delivers unparalleled value for studio managers and copywriters across all industries.

What is Copywriting?

Copywriting expands your new or current Creative Force workflows to include text assets as a production type. This turns Creative Force into your “single source of truth” for all of your internal copywriting activities – centralizing your teams’ work into our web platform, tying new tasks to trigger alongside other asset production or workflow steps, and providing customizable structures and layouts to standardize the work your teams deliver, ensuring repeatable results.

How Does It Work?

If you’ve used Creative Force before, then you’ll find Copywriting a comforting, familiar experience. No matter what content you’re producing for your product pages, Creative Force delivers the same, great experience built around streamlined, end-to-end workflows that tie into how your teams already work. With Copywriting, however, we’ve introduced some unique features designed specifically around making your copywriters’ jobs quicker and easier:

Fully-Customizable Grid Layout

Map your copywriting structure to meet style guide requirements! With our configurable grid layout, we’ve simplified one of the key challenges copywriters often face while working off of spreadsheets and PIMs: a lack of cohesive understanding for what needs to be completed on the individual project level.

By mapping these required fields to style guide templates – and ensuring the fields themselves can be easily added, removed, and adjusted as needed – studio managers are able to ensure copywriters deliver on what’s expected while copywriters get a more intuitive and easy-to-understand structure on which to build content.

Turn-key Content Requirements

compliant to brand guidelines - what color names to use, minimum and maximum length for text and what fields are mandatory or optional. Copywriting takes the guesswork out of this, allowing you to set these parameters from the very beginning so your copywriters can get started quicker and with fewer questions. For content such as color and care instructions, you can further pre-define details such color options and available icons, making the content creation process even easier.


Cross-Referenceable Asset Production

Within the workflow, studio managers can decide when copywriting tasks trigger, from when a sample is checked in to when some or all visual assets have been completed. When a visual asset is completed, it will immediately be visible to copywriters as they start creating content. Further, if there are multiple product codes tied to a single copywriting task, you can toggle between all of the assets created across each session.

AI-Enhanced Product Descriptions

With integration, copywriters can immediately generate product descriptions based on a few simple prompts thanks to built-in artificial intelligence. Once the initial description is created, it can then be changed either wholesale or by individual sections via a number of options, from altering its length to adjusting the complexity of the language used to even rewriting the entire section from scratch. Your copywriters are then able to manually add in finishing touches before sending the content to quality control for review.


In-Depth Reporting Dashboards

Creative Force’s Insights menu has been further expanded with three unique reports all tied to Copywriting and how your teams are utilizing it.

  • Our Production report provides an overview of throughput for both ongoing and completed projects across team members.

    Copywriting Production-1

  • Cycle Time highlights opportunities to improve efficiency and improve overall production.

    Copywriting Cycle Time-1

  • Edit Reason analyzes common patterns in feedback to identify areas to further train and refine team member performance.

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Ready To Learn More?

To celebrate the launch, we’ll be hosting an exciting webinar, Introducing Copywriting for Creative Force, on November 9, 2023 at 12pm EDT / 18:00 CET. Featuring Creative Force CTO Tejs Rasmussen and Product Manager Eugene Fisher, this webinar will delve deeper into the common hurdles of text-based asset creation and reveal how Copywriting helps change the narrative. 

You can sign up here.

Want to talk to us even sooner? Email us at and we’ll schedule a private demo to show you everything that Copywriting can bring to your organization.