Harnessing the Power of Generative AI Images in eCommerce Content Production

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Staying on the cutting edge of artificial intelligence (AI) requires constant innovation and exploration of new tools and techniques. One tool that has stirred up interest and curiosity recently is generative AI.

However, some may question the immediate value it holds in the context of eCommerce content production, given that its capabilities are seemingly distant from the practical aspects of selling products. In this blog post, we explore how this exciting technology can be harnessed to optimize content creation for eCommerce brands.

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What is Generative AI? 

Just in case you haven’t heard all about generative AI, it’s a type of artificial intelligence capable of creating new content. This could be anything: images, music, text, and so on. The core of this technology lies in its ability to learn patterns from existing data and generate new data that is similar.

The Value of Generative AI in eCommerce

Generative AI might not seem immediately relevant to the needs of eCommerce businesses, as it's hard to envision how text prompts could possibly translate into tangible product imagery. However, there's more to this technology than meets the eye. Though it might not directly generate product images, it has the potential to augment creative assets n for eCommerce content production.

Think of generative AI as a tool for playing around with ideas, similar to how one might use Pinterest. You can use it to create a virtual mood board, with the unique difference that the images are not sourced but generated from a prompt. This capability opens up a world of potential for brainstorming and ideation on creative content for product promotion.

Case Study: A New Approach to Conception and Product Photography

Let's look at an interesting case study involving a German YouTuber who found an innovative way to leverage generative AI for concept and product photography. Their challenge was to build an entire new upmarket gin brand. As many eCommerce professionals would agree, perfect art direction can be hard to achieve. It's a constant process of trial and error as you navigate through the complexities of lighting, angles, and product attributes.

However, this YouTuber flipped the traditional approach on its head. Instead of starting with the product, they first generated the entire concept, the logo, bottle, accessories, marketing material, brand ambassadors, and even the origin story for the gin, creating a brand-new reality using Midjourney and ChatGPT

It’s even possible that after they did everything above using generative AI, the brand could still photograph a real bottle with lighting and positioning to match the AI-generated images. Then again, they could decide to keep the AI images. As the YouTuber stated in the video, this was all done in an afternoon, so creating a final product blending AI-generated imagery and real-product photography could definitely be done with just a little more time.

Blog – AI in eCommerce

The Versatility of Generative AI

There are numerous other ways you can incorporate generative AI into your eCommerce content production strategy. For instance, you can use it to generate backgrounds for existing product images. Such an application can quickly transform basic product photos into engaging social media posts or advertisements. This approach is particularly beneficial for small teams or those working under tight deadlines, as it allows for the rapid creation of compelling visuals.

Though the technology isn't flawless yet, it can be a useful tool for producing adequate visuals. What's important is the ability to speed up the content creation process and open new avenues for creativity. This especially includes helping with brainstorming new creative ideas, which could be a game-changer combined with real photography. 

The Future of Content Creation in eCommerce

While generative AI in eCommerce content production is in its infancy, it is showing immense potential for innovation and efficiency. This technology is gradually making its way into other areas of the content production landscape, offering solutions to the challenges that come with drafting copy for products. From generating unique product descriptions to crafting catchy ad copy, generative AI is demonstrating how it can simplify the writing process while enhancing the creative output.

Imagine a scenario where product descriptions are created almost instantaneously with the help of AI, perfectly tailored to the target audience and maintaining a brand's unique voice. This has significant implications for content marketers and eCommerce professionals who spend substantial time and resources producing original content. Instead of writing copy from scratch, they can quickly review and edit AI-generated content, enabling each person to produce more content, faster.

The pace at which these technologies are evolving is mind-boggling, with new advancements seemingly around every corner. It's challenging to predict where this technology will take us in the future. But that's part of what makes it so exciting. 


So a few questions before we sign off. Is generative AI perfect? Not yet. Is it going to be used for absolutely everything? Very possible. Is it something that everyone in eCommerce content production should keep an eye on because it could possibly revolutionize the entire industry? 100%. 

We will definitely be keeping our eyes on it at dreem.ai.