Master Image Color Correction: Boost Sales & Customer Confidence

Ensuring consistent colors across images for eCommerce products is an ongoing issue for retailers, studios, and brands. Our product team has already released multiple features that allow teams to perform color corrections outside of the studio setting, and we’re excited to bring you even more in the future. 

Below, we’ll explore what image color correction is, a few reasons why it's crucial in the world of eCommerce content creation, and how Creative Force can help address color discrepancies in your deliverables.

What is Color Correction? 

Simply put, color correction is the process of adjusting the colors in a photo, image, video, or print so that they match a standard or are presented exactly as planned. Whether it's a product shot on a model, mannequin, or hanger, the colors must be accurate and consistent across all mediums. Various factors such as different lighting, background, production teams, editors, and equipment can all affect the color of an image. Consistency is key. 

From Click to Cart: The Importance of Image Color Correction 

Accurate color representation is essential in eCommerce as it plays an important role in customers’ purchasing decisions. If the color of a product doesn't match the customer's expectations or it’s completely different when delivered, it can lead to dissatisfaction, product returns, and a loss of trust in the brand.

Proper color correction ensures that the colors in product images are accurate and consistent. This builds customer confidence, as they know that what they see online is what they'll get when they purchase the product. 


Common Color Issues in eCommerce Photos You Need to Fix 

Common color issues include color casts, underexposure, overexposure, and color inconsistency across different images. By identifying and fixing these issues, retailers can improve the accuracy of their product images and build trust with their customers.

Imagine posting a mannequin shot, model shot, and a video on your website and each of the visuals showed the exact same colored shirt in a different shade. This happens more often than we’d like to admit and leads to customers making choices that they are not happy with in the long run. 

The Future of Color Correction in eCommerce: AI and Automation Trends 

With advancements in technology, image color correction is becoming more automated and efficient. AI and automation tools are being used to quickly and accurately color correct, saving time and resources for retailers.

We’re on the cusp of quickly bringing multiple images and videos together in one place to automatically color-correct across everything at once. Our team at is always looking into the possibilities that AI and machine learning will be able to assist in image color correction in the future. 

Stay up to date with all of the advancements across eCommerce content creation making their way to Creative Force and beyond at

How Does Creative Force Solve This, Today? 

Creative Force has developed a solution to address the color correction needs of studios, retailers, and brands. The platform supports customers in defining their own color references, meaning they can upload images or even selections from a production and embed it directly in the work packages. These specific colors are then sent to retouchers with color references directly in Photoshop for reference. This ensures that the correct color is used for all outputs in the retouching process. 

In the Color Reference section of the Workflow settings on Creative Force, the platform allows users to choose between keeping the existing structured settings or introducing more flexibility to suit their production needs. This allows users to decide exactly how much leeway is offered for their outputs. Find more information about Creative Force’s color reference management in our Knowledge Base article.

Studios can also create pauses in Creative Force that pause the workflow until the color references are in place for post-production. This is a great way of solidifying just how important it is for the studio to have correct color consistency across all outputs. 

Color reference

In Closing 

Color correction is an essential part of eCommerce production that ensures accurate and consistent product images. With the help of Creative Force, retailers, brands, and studios can effectively address color discrepancies and improve their customers' shopping experience. By investing in proper image color correction, retailers can boost customer confidence, increase conversion rates, and ultimately drive sales.