Creative Force Integrates with Bynder to Get Imagery Online Faster

Partner Announcement: Creative Force and Bynder team up to increase speed to market for retailers in eCommerce.

We’re excited to announce that Creative Force has integrated our photo studio workflow solution with leading digital asset management provider Bynder. The end-to-end automation that Creative Force provides to eCommerce content creation now extends downstream in the life cycle to automated asset delivery in the Bynder brand portal.

This integration allows final photography assets to passively upload to Bynder in the background once they’re approved. At the same time, photo studio teams continue to produce world-class creative content—eliminating what was once a time-consuming and manual process.

Retailers and brands rely on Bynder to provide a self-service repository of all brand assets and depend on it being the single source of truth. The Creative Force integration maps metaproperties, along with the automated metadata that flows from the initial one-time setup in Creative Force to those required in Bynder to ensure this integrity. Full suites of assets are delivered allowing for the asset-versioning that Bynder’s solution supports.

The additional benefits provided by the automated asset delivery to Bynder, coupled with the zero file naming and system-added metadata that Creative Force makes possible, reduce the number of repetitive manual tasks asked of studio creative teams. This empowers eCommerce content creators to focus on the work of being creative, while also delivering their creative content downstream, reducing lead times and getting imagery live on-site more quickly.

“Customers can now take their product photography to the next level by integrating Bynder with Creative Force,” said Brad Kofoed, Senior Vice President, Global Alliances & Channels at Bynder. “The Bynder integration will help users stay organized by uploading photography automatically into the DAM and establishing a central source of truth for all marketing assets”

“We strive to eliminate every manual step in the creative process—automating as many of them as possible with our software,” said Thomas Kragelund, CEO & Co-Founder of Creative Force. “Integrating with Bynder extends the automation capabilities of Creative Force downstream and ensures eCommerce content creators can deliver web-ready assets that much more quickly. We’re excited about the possibilities this seamless integration provides our customers and the increased speed to market they’ll achieve as a result.”

The Creative Force integration for Bynder allows finished assets and their associated data to be transferred automatically to your Bynder instance as they finish the production flow in Creative Force.

Manage the creation and production of photography assets in Creative Force, then seamlessly curate, store, organize and distribute final assets in the Bynder DAM.

Photo studio teams and eCommerce content creators can now easily connect processes from asset creation and completion to final asset delivery, so the entire workflow is connected end-to-end.

With Creative Force, teams accomplish more work with less effort, thanks to the automation of file handling, file naming, and image metadata.

File naming is handled 100% automatically based on a team’s naming conventions so there’s no manual traffic control in the creation process. This means that the manual renaming of files is completely eliminated. Much in the same way, image metadata is added by the system automatically based on the one-time initial setup according to an organization’s schema.

Now, thanks to Creative Force’s integration with Bynder, you can connect that asset creation and approval process seamlessly to the delivery of final, web-ready assets in your instance of Bynder DAM. And all of it, from beginning to end, is done automatically.

Delivering assets, just like with the creation of file naming conventions and metadata schema, simply requires a one-time setup in Creative Force that becomes a ‘set it and forget it’ step.

Bynder Integration Benefits:

  • Collaborate across the entire content lifecycle
  • Control the organization of your content
  • Uninterrupted workflow from point of capture to final asset destination
  • Save time by automating the upload process for approved and final assets
  • No manual file management for upload or download

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