We Just Received $6 Million in Funding!


Since Creative Force’s start, 3 years ago, we’ve been moving through the industry like a running back, delivering updates and upgrades to our partners. Non-stop and right up the middle. Before we get any further, most would refer to their customers as just that, customers, but to us, they’re partners. Our success is tied directly to theirs. Meaning, our customers ARE our partners. 

With that, Creative Force is incredibly happy to announce that with byFounders and several angel investors, we have secured $6 million in funding. 

“byFounders are excited to be backing the Creative Force team on their journey to transform creative operations. Within a very short time, the team has established itself as the market leader serving many of the most prominent brands in the world. With their intuitive creative ops platform, their customers save millions of dollars and dramatically reduce the time to online, the new frontier of eCommerce. As part of our partnership with Creative Force, the founders are welcomed to a collective of some of the most successful founders in the Nordics including Skype, Zendesk, Kahoot! And Trustpilot” 

                                                   - Eric Lagier, Managing Partner, byFounders.

We’re excited to tell you about what it will do for the current and future organizations that depend on us. 

Better Product

First, we’re going to continue expanding and researching ways to create a better product. We’ve built an ecosystem to stay incredibly connected to the people who use Creative Force, so moving forward, we’ll continue listening to what they’ve shared with us to make a better product. 

Since starting Creative Force, we’ve had 11 major app updates, roughly once every 3 months, and 113 sprint releases. At this point, we see no signs of slowing down on this and we’ve just hired our 75th member of our product development team to make sure of it. 

Better Education

To make sure we’re not only listening to our partners about what they need in a product, we’re also building a better educational experience to get them onboarded and support them through their transition to Creative Force. Unlike a lot of SaaS companies, we’re with them through every step of the journey, from start to success. And right now, we’re revamping the entire workflow to be even more connected and supportive.

Better Experience

With any software, we want our users to have the best experience possible. When you look at our interface, it shouldn’t just be pretty, it should be intuitive, and we will continue diving into UI and UX to create the easiest and fastest platform our partners have ever used. 

Six Million 2Screenshot from Creative Force Photo Review

Looking into the Future

You’ve reached the crystal ball stage of our chat today. We believe that the above are our obvious next steps, the next 3 may not be as much.


This is a big one. When you think about creative operations as a whole, you have to see that most of the time is spent working together. Collaborating. And with Creative Force, we’d like to connect even more of the industry together throughout the process. Everyone from merchants to buyers to brand owners to creative directors. Everything and everyone will work together to make their vision a reality, faster than ever. 

Pre pre-production to post post-production, Creative Force will be there.

Expanded Content Types

Right now, Creative Force is known for photos, but we’ve already started rolling out features for video and over the next few months, you’ll start seeing expanded options for 3D, copywriting, and more. 

One program, limitless possibilities.


Finally, expanding what we said about collaboration into planning. Imagine being able to head into one system to book freelancers, book talent, and communicate with them all. Imagine being able to go to one place to start ideating and stay there until after delivery. And imagine, how much quicker all of it would be if you did so. That’s exactly where we’re going.

In Closing

The next year is going to be a game-changer for us. On top of all this, we’ve also just lined up an internal team of marketers to join us for our next big play.

Thank you for being a part of all of this and get ready to see us in a content studio near you. 

If you have questions or want to discuss becoming a partner, please reach out here.