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Sprint Release #90

Sprint 90 Release Note: Additional Properties for Conditional Rules, Greater Creative Freedom in Editorial, Plus Other Improvements. 

We are back! This time mostly focussed on performance updates, and therefore, not that many new shiny features, but still an exciting release! Enjoy the read 🙂


Conditions Based on Date Properties

With date and date/time properties, you have the correct data type in place and in this sprint we are introducing date and time based operators to the conditional interface.

This enables you to react to the value of a property and switch on / off positions, production types or metadata.


Editorial: Multiple Outputs from a Single Deliverable

Initially, we built the editorial module so that a single deliverable would generate a single output + variants. This is now changed so that a single deliverable can create as many outputs + their variants as you feel like, based on the same product data, creative direction etc.

This makes it much easier to handle on locations shoots, where you have an unknown number of shots from a single situation, that are all great shots, and you need them all to get the same treatment.

Other Editorial Updates

  • Deliverable Workflow: Better error validation.
  • Remove a deliverable owner.
  • Mockup Editor: Saving previews in a higher resolution.
  • Improved Product Sample Logic.
    • Sample Pools
    • Reference related samples down to the sample level.

Other Improvements

  • Asset Counter in the top of the Kanbans.
  • Bulk Post-QC: Wrap Rows UI update.
  • Post QC: Display Setting: Variant Filter (E-comm Only)
  • Application reload functionality when new updates are rolled out.
  • Improve sync delta data source from CF Gateway.
  • Refactor import job.
  • Optimize search in sample list & product list.
  • Update some Sample APIs to support new logic of Editorial Sample.

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed: Kelvin is slow to leave mark-ups.
  • Fixed: Kelvin: Tone down before transfer does not take place when "No Display".
  • Fixed: Kelvin: Thumbnails not appearing.
  • Fixed: Gamma: Unable to leave instructions on Ext. Post QC to send to Int. Post.
  • Fixed: Gamma: Unable to see search tab in products page or jobs page.
  • Fixed: Gamma: Assets Menu display issue.
  • Fixed: Gamma: Vendor Portal: Bulk submit option unavailable.
  • Fixed: Gamma: Asset Hub is showing all original asset with no workflow.
  • Fixed: Vendor Portal: Images not mapping to position based on exact file name.
  • Fixed: API: Wrong sample return date when editing properties.
  • Fixed: API: ES Sync tool error on Style Guide properties.
  • Fixed: Editorial API: Removing a step should also remove instruction information.
  • Fixed: Editorial API: Finalization workflow has too many asset delivery steps.
  • Fixed: Editorial API: Old output are not cleaned up when using "Complete reset".