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Sprint Release #132

Sprint 132 Release Note: An Upgraded Asset Display Experience, HUE Legacy, and more! Happy reading on sprint release day! 🎉

Introducing an Upgraded Asset Display Experience


This transformative concept enhances the platform's visual elements, elevating the user experience to new heights. In this update, we have significantly enhanced the visibility of images on important screens, such as Jobs, Products, and Samples. With the addition of a new Display Image column, your product images take center stage!


By incorporating visual elements across various sections of Creative Force, we aim to simplify and expedite your workflow. Now, finding and managing your products becomes a breeze with quicker access to visual representations. Additionally, the enhanced overview ensures that you can effortlessly keep track of your products and samples, leading to better collaboration and decision-making.

Embrace the Future of Photoshop Compatibility

To streamline our efforts, we’ve decided to phase out the current CEP Panel beginning on September 1st 2023, which means that HUE (with the CEP Panel) will no longer be supported with updates after this date.

Furthermore, beginning today, August 1st 2023 we will rename HUE (That uses the CEP Panel) to "HUE Legacy" while HUE UXP will be renamed to HUE.

By doing this, we are able to focus solely on a single app, allowing us to work more efficiently on enhancing its performance, creating new features, and resolving issues more quickly.

More detailed information about these changes can be found here.

Feel free to contact our support team via in-app chat or by sending an email to if you require any additional information or help with that.

Other Improvements

  • Final Selection Automapping: With our latest workflow setting, you have the option to map images to positions based on their filenames when the Production Type Category is Orbitvu or Looklet.
  • New Gateway API: move Products between jobs.
  • New Gateway API: Toggle on/off Production Types
  • New Gateway API Toggle on/off Positions for a Product
  • checkout our Help Center article
  • API: Our API now achieves enhanced performance on the Assets screen, ensuring quicker and more efficient access to assets.
  • We now scan servers (FTP/S3/...) every hour instead of once a day, reducing errors and tickets by quickly detecting and resolving accessibility issues
  • We have enhanced the validation process on the "S3 Data Source Settings" screen, ensuring users are prevented from making mistakes when inputting information.
  • The Avatar Logic Update improves default avatars. If users have uploaded an image, it displays as their avatar. If not, the update uses their name's letters or email address to generate and display an avatar accordingly.

Bugs Fixed

  • Error with auto-variants when creating transparent backgrounds in some cases.
  • Performance issues when downloading Assets.
  • Problems with clicking on the Sample Code Filter.
  • Event Log Access: Product - Missing productions steps in filter & Column sort order bug.
  • Final selection: re-open a submitted Final Selection task.
  • The issue of displaying the post-production name incorrectly during internal post-QC while passing through External Post has been solved.
  • Markup comment - Show white background when zooming in/zooming out.
  • Video - Selection/Crop tab is not available for video assets in Final Selection.
  • Wrong event log "Process without Color Reference".
  • Reused Images: tasks rejected upon their initial upload by VPI cannot be processed.
  • Wrong asset naming convention when generating variants.
  • The Event Log does not display any External Post information when “Byepass Ext. Post” is turned off.
  • Asset View: when applying the "non-selects" filter, "ALTS" will not be visible.
  • The thumbnails in Kelvin are appearing pixelated.
  • "Update from data source" queries product codes with case-insensitive logic in the database, but results are compared case-sensitively in the import job service.