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Sprint Release #46

Sprint 46 Release Note: Asset Delivery Direct to Bynder & New Reports for FLOW, Progress, and User Logins.

Hi there

We have launched some great updates to Creative Force and are happy to share the release notes with you!


Tejs and the product team


Asset Delivery Directly to

We are now offering a new standard final asset delivery method that supports the mandatory functionality of Asset-Versioning and Meta-properties required by The new method joins the existing asset delivery options:

  • Amazon S3
  • SFTP / FTP
  • Google Cloud Storage

Outfits Become Styling

In preparation for the upcoming Wardrobe & Styling feature, we have updated the product slide-in and changed the tab 'Outfits' to 'Styling'.

Within the new Styling tab user can now:

  • See the current production status of the Outfit(s)
  • Delete an Outfit(s)
  • Print outfit sheets


Improved Search in Products and Samples

We have extended our management of samples to display both the CF Sample Code (unique to every individual sample) and the user's known Sample Code*. It's now possible to use either of these sample codes in the free text and the property specific search fields.

* Currently if you wish to search by Sample Code in the property specific fields, please select Sample Barcode. We will migrate this to the correct property name very shortly.



Updates to the Property System

We have extended the existing property system to include properties related to:

  • Style Guides
  • Style Guide production types
  • Style Guide positions
  • Locations

These need to be created via properties and then added to the specific style guide and/or location they relate to.


Additionally, when creating or editing user-generated properties, we've added the option to create a predefined list of options.


Custom Metadata

We have delivered a fairly comprehensive update to our metadata creation capabilities. It's now possible to create custom metadata namespace, within which the user can add their own dedicated properties.

Custom metadata schemas can then be utilized within the metadata rules in presets.

The combination of the expanded property system and custom metadata schemas significantly increases your capability to automate metadata creation.


New Studio Reports for Insights

Flow Report - The "Flow Report" gives users insights into their production flow. The Cumulative Flow Diagram allows users to easily spot changes in lead-time, cycle-time and Work In Progress.


Progress Report - The ‘Progress Report’ gives users insights into the current state of Photography. Pie charts give an instant overview of how many products are To Do, In Progress, or Done for each production type. A ‘To-Shoot’ list gives details such as Brand, Color, and Location to allow users to find the products that need to be shoot.


New Data Reports for Insights

User Login Report - The ‘User Login Report’ gives users insights into login patterns and active user counts over a specified time-frame.