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Sprint Release #127

Sprint 127 Release Note: New Asynchronous Actions and Message Center, Promptly Reassign Tasks with our Kanban: Unassign Feature, and More! Happy Reading on Sprint Release day! 🎉

Say Goodbye to Waiting: Introducing Async Actions and Message Center


We've updated the processing method of some actions to run asynchronously. After submitting an action, Creative Force will work on it in the background until completion - this means that you don't have to wait on one screen for a particular action to finish.

During the coming sprints, we will add a lot more to the list of actions, but for now, the actions that will use this new method are:

  • Edit Products
  • Delete Products

To help you track the progress of these asynchronous processes, we've introduced a Message Center to Gamma. Now you can check the progress of the processes you are running.

Bulk actions of 50 or more items can be canceled via the Message Center, and you can also use it to confirm that your actions were successfully completed.


No more waiting on a single screen while completing actions in Creative Force. This update improves your experience, especially when making bulk changes.

Additionally, with the new Message Center, you can now have full confidence that your processes have been successfully completed. When editing or deleting a large number of products, you no longer need to search for updates to ensure everything was updated correctly.


Unlock Flexibility: Unassign Tasks and Empower Agile Collaboration


The "Kanban: Unassign'' feature now allows you to release tasks from any assigned users, enabling someone else to take on the task. Previously, users could only unassign tasks assigned to themselves, leading to unresolved tasks or delays.

Now, with Account Owner or Admin rights, you have the flexibility to promptly reassign tasks and ensure a smoother workflow and efficient collaboration.


By unassigning tasks from others on the Kanban board, you create an opportunity to address any stalled tasks. This functionality enhances flexibility and agility in managing tasks, enabling swift reassignments and facilitating seamless collaboration.


Other Improvements

  • Bypass External Post: Added ability to bypass from any early steps in the workflow
  • Enhanced Video Module Now Supports Image File Types
  • Additional Date-Related Merge Fields: Provides more flexibility for customized asset organization and folder structure
  • Improved Connector test function: Detailed error messages and step-by-step status for Post Production and Asset Delivery actions.
  • External Post: Updated Transfer Warning Message - Updated logic to show error when sending file to External Post Vendor.
  • Hue & Kelvin Markup Tool: Handle new colors in annotation views.
  • External Post Vendor: Move External Post Download service to near Vendor
  • External Post Vendor: Updated logic to attach metadata when sending to External Post Vendor
  • Editorial: Name files based on the assigned preset after the fanout step in the finalization workflow

Bugs Fixed

  • GAMMA: The image counter on Post Review showed an incorrect total number of assets.
  • GAMMA: Showing incorrect image marking when changing to HI-RES in Internal Post.
  • HUE: Incorrect Auto QA on export.
  • HUE: Fixed issue with upload button being available in Hue when images did not map with the expected results.
  • HUE & KELVIN: Fixed issue with login problems on Kelvin and Hue.
  • KELVIN: Fixed issue with Crop & Rotate.
  • KELVIN: Issue with error being displayed on a task after successful transfer.