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Sprint Release #91

Sprint 91 Release Note: Custom Production Types, Better Production Overview in Sample Screens, Workfront Connector for Editorial, and more! We're back with a super exciting release! Enjoy the read!


Custom Production Types

It's finally here! The much requested feature to make additional custom production types. No more "hanger workarounds" 😎


You can also deactivate production types that you are not using, making it easy to keep a clean system and workflow setup!

Please be aware that created production types can not be deleted, only deactivated.

Better Overview of Production in the Sample Screens

We've added a Production tab to the sample slide in. Here you can see each production request where a sample is being used. You can click on each request and see additional information in a secondary slide-in.

Project and Deliverable columns have been added to the sample list screen.

Other Improvements

  • Better outfit creation logic to avoid making extra outfits by mistake.
  • Date and Date time properties can now be used for Sync Jobs.

Workfront Connector for Editorial

Our Workfront connector now supports connecting an Editorial Project in Creative Force with a project in Workfront. Each deliverable in the project will be created as a task and status will be updated in real-time.


Other Editorial Improvements

  • You can now use model properties in conditional metadata.
  • We've updated the download folder structure from Assets.
  • Editorial Workflow: Better UX around workflow initiation buttons.
  • Workflow Tab: Use similar badges / icons as on e-comm for rejections.

Bugs fixed

  • Fixed: Editorial: Resetting a post-production step does not reset rejection count.
  • Fixed: Delivered assets showing "No Date" for Delivery Date.
  • Fixed: Secondary sample codes separated by dashes "-" in metadata.
  • Fixed: Editorial file name displaying incorrectly with thumbnail on Assets page.
  • Fixed: Kelvin: Stuck while loading.
  • Fixed: Hue: All images open when opening actions is set to "First Image".
  • Fixed: Network busy message on External Post QC on multiple tasks.
  • Fixed: Unable to bulk submit products in the vendor portal.
  • Fixed: "Dragging" Cursor in post instructions window.
  • Fixed: External Post QC functions broken
  • Fixed: New project properties not displaying as merge fields.
  • Fixed: Disabled style guides appear in Assets filters.
  • Fixed: Unable to assign images to positions via the vendor portal.
  • Fixed: Unpicked tasks in 'To Do' in Photo Review disappear.
  • Fixed: Samples from the wardrobe do not use the correct badges.
  • Fixed: Deliverable due date sticking.
  • Fixed: Complete Reset of a workflow, needs to update the deliverable status.