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Sprint Release #95 & 96

Sprint 95 & 96 Release Note: Easily Update Samples in Bulk with Launch of 'Containers', Introducing Samples for Editorial Projects, Plus Other New Features. 

With a longer development period comes A LOT of new updates! All Gamma, Kelvin, and Hue updates have been released today, and the Chroma mobile app updates for this sprint will be released in a few days.

In addition to these release notes, we will be publishing CF Help Center knowledge base articles in support of some of our key updates as well (coming soon!). Happy reading 🚀

Overall Creative Force Updates

First up, we have some highly anticipated overall Creative Force updates: Containers

Are you looking for a way to change the location of an entire rail or box of samples all in one go? Never fear, Containers are here!

You can think of Containers as a grouping of samples that you want to apply bulk actions to (ie: change location, check in, or check out). Typically, these groups of samples physically coexist IRL in boxes or rails filled with samples, therefore you can create “Box” or “Rail” type Containers for your samples in Creative Force.

Easily create Containers and add them to locations and sub-locations. Generate Containers from pasted list or auto-generate them.

Print individual container label barcodes or an overview of all Containers:


Example Container Overview

Scan your printed container barcode to add samples in a flash! We recommend using our mobile app:


Example: once you scan a container barcode, you can: add samples, change the location of and/or check in the container (and its samples)

Pro Tip: If you add samples to a Container in a 'check-in' location, your samples will be automatically checked in.

Rest assured, if you're scanning samples outside of the mobile app, you can also work with Containers using Gamma as well:

Example: Add samples to a container during a check in flow with Gamma

But wait, there's more to this story…

Location Barcodes

With this new release of location barcodes, you can also print out location barcode labels or a full location overview to really streamline sample management.

Print Location Labels

But how do we use these location barcodes? And what do they have to do with Containers?

Here are a couple examples to try out in our mobile app or scanning with Gamma:

  • Scan location barcodes to change the location of individual samples ('Place sample' shown below)

Bonus Points: Scan location barcodes to bulk change the location of a container filled with many samples! ('Place container' shown below)

When you scan a location barcode, choose to place either a single sample or a container filled with many samples in that location (change location function)

Location Types

We have also added 'types' to locations, giving you and your team further context in production (see “Stock Room” location type example on the label above).

Location types can be added to both locations and sub-locations.

Location Types

Conditions Based on Source

When managing image requests in Creative Force, sometimes there are different requirements or information needed when working with internally captured images or vendor provided imagery.

This is where we've introduced conditional logic based on “Source” (Photo Production or Vendor Provided). You can find this available in:

  • Style guide Conditional position settings
  • Style guide Conditional shooting type settings
  • Preset metadata Conditional metadata settings


“Source rule” condition options for an example production type

Change source on the Product Level

Speaking of source, if you're looking to change the source for upcoming Creative Force products, we can now also change the source on a product level.

Creative Force will analyze your selected products and, if applicable, prompt you to make decisions about like segments based on client, brand, and source parameters.

Editorial Updates

Next up, we also have all new functionality for Editorial as well!

Editorial: Project Samples

Just as some of our customers produce Editorial content with product codes, many also produce creative photography with sample codes. Therefore, in this sprint we are introducing samples for Editorial projects!

The Project Samples screen is found under Components > Samples

Samples in Editorial projects work very similarly as products. You can add samples to your project or deliverables via:

  • Pasting sample codes
  • File upload
  • Scan
  • From your existing Creative Force sample pool
  • Assign functionsprint-96-9


Samples added to a deliverable: showing product code, product name, sample code, and sample availability icon

To round out this narrative on samples, any sample assigned to a deliverable can be used in its Editorial asset metadata and naming conventions (via presets) for downstream systems and processes.

Editorial: Bulk Create & Update Deliverables via Excel Sheet Upload

With any production, time is of the essence - this is why we're introducing the ability to bulk create deliverables via Excel sheet.

We provide you with a downloadable template, and you (or your requesters) can easily fill out all the most relevant information about each shot - we're talking product codes, sample codes, creative direction, and more!

Try adding deliverables via sheet today!

This single button really packs a punch (and saves your producers a bunch of time), so why not use it to update existing deliverables as well?

Other New Features and Improvements

  • CaptureOne 22 Support
  • SSO - Setup default new user group
  • Scan Flow - Select Samples - Display extra job/project information
  • Custom Production Types - Copy Production Type ID
  • LABS - Apply Elasticsearch for jobs, products, samples and wardrobe list
  • Technical Support - Possible bug: Editorial project sheet text overflows off page
  • Final Selection - selected image should not be clear selection state after change the position
  • Show samples assigned to deliverables in Kelvin
  • Add samples tab to Project slide-in
  • Hide disabled shooting type (production type) in Kelvin
  • Disable the cropping function for Editorial task
  • Containers - Escalate to the user to select an action when a sample scanned
  • Workflow Setting - Cut off step for Kelvin reset - Default Final Selection
  • SSO Support ADFS - Improve metadata document
  • Refactor - Kanban column components
  • Data source file upload, avoid clean data after remapping column
  • Optimize query to select existing product in import job service
  • Update logic to get right Color reference in order LH-10468
  • Increase limit of meta document content of SSO up to 80,000 (to support AD FS)
  • Apply cache URLs of assets to support browser caching
  • CDC-Flow Monitor: Data capture performance report
  • CDC-Flow Monitor: Mismatch report
  • CDC-Flow Monitor: Integration monitoring

Bugs Fixed

  • Cannot write "First Upload Date" metadata when delivery asset
  • Editorial - Images are not rejected cannot keep output status in Reject Internal post step
  • Technical Support - Editorial Metadata not written to file upon Asset Delivery
  • Technical Support - Unexpected Result When Downloading Editorial Assets
  • Technical Support - Unable to zoom in on images in Gamma
  • Product & Sample feedback bugs
  • Bug: Deliverables due date incorrect on Workfront LH-10228
  • Bug: Color Reference Setting triggered in Pixelz when no Color Reference Sent CFISSUE-627
  • Bug: SCIM Patch /users got response 500 LH-10747
  • Technical Support - Missing images when transferred from Kelvin to Gamma
  • Four images transferred from Kelvin, only one images arrives in Final Selection
  • Disabled Custom Production Types Available Within Kelvin
  • Technical Support - Assigned task does not appear in HUE
  • Technical Support - Cannot download tasks in HUE