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Sprint Release #73

Sprint 73 Release Note: Enriched Metadata for Backup Files, Enhanced Vendor Portal Features, and Mobile App Improvements.

Here we go again! 😅 Another sprint is released to your favorite content creation platform! This time with some really nice updates around VPI, the vendor portal, RAW backup and mobile. Enjoy the read!

New Features for Kelvin

Metadata Enrichment for Backup Files

It is now possible to set up metadata enrichment rules for the RAW backup functionality in Kelvin. It's done in the Kelvin settings and follows the known UI we already have in Gamma for metadata rules on presets.

Metadata Raw Backup

New Features for Gamma

Sample Badge logic

We've refined the sample badge logic to better cover the actual sample situation.

As an example, we will now show a Wardrobe badge if you don't have any dedicated production samples but have a wardrobe sample available.


Reject to the Vendor Portal

We've made it possible to reject vendor provided images back to the vendor portal with rejection information, so that the vendor can adjust the image set.

Request for Photography

If the VPI images are just not good enough, it is now possible to request Photography for a task. This is similar to a rejection and allows for the user to mark up and write comments if needed.

VPI label and filter in all Kanban Views

In all Kanban views, VPI tasks are now marked with a small VPI label, and it's possible to filter tasks by source.


New Features for the Vendor Portal

Submit Non-Selects

Non-selects are now also submitted and can be used in photo review to switch out for the final selection.

Better task Styling

We have adjusted the task styling and added a cover images for a task! Yeah! 🙌

Submit from Kanban

When a task requirement is met, it is possible to submit from the Kanban. As an example where images are mapped automatically and the request-level is preselection, the user can submit the task without leaving the Kanban.

Submit from Kanban

Auto-Mapping to the Position Level

In the case where images are correctly named according to the style guide naming convention, images can be mapped not only to the task itself, but all the way to the position level. In practice in means that you can upload thousands of images and process them in very few clicks.

New Features for Chroma (The Mobile App)

  • Support search sample in Search screen.
  • Scan screen can now also scan product codes.
  • Next and previous buttons when input data in a form (iOS only).
  • Added delete outfit action & quick action in the Outfit Card
  • Disable horizontal mode on Android.
  • Go to collection mode when scanning to add a secondary product to an outfit.
  • Allow adding deactivated products as secondaries to an outfit.

Other New Features

Allow Deactivated Product as Secondary Product

You can now use deactivated products as secondaries for your styling outfits. 🥳

Disabling GPU Rendering in Kelvin & Hue

An unsolved bug in the Electron framework is causing the Kelvin and Hue apps to frequently crash when a kernel extension (typically virus scanning tools) is present on the machine as well. At the moment there is a functioning workaround where the apps will become stable if GPU rendering is disabled. This can now be done via an environment variable.

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed: Gamma: Cropping: Removed the min dimension for cropping box.
  • Fixed: Gamma: "Checked In" Typo.
  • Fixed: Gamma: Unable to scroll through all users when assigning a user role.
  • Fixed: Gamma: Timestamps in Samples are UTC.
  • Fixed: Kelvin: Improve merge field component.
  • Fixed: Kelvin: Error when try to connect Capture One Pro.
  • Fixed: Kelvin: Incorrect Crop box position in some cases.
  • Fixed: Kelvin: Capture One RAW file backup not working at first launch.