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Sprint Release #88

Sprint 88 Release Note: Even More Power with New Metadata Merge Fields, Streamlined Asset Filters, & Editorial Updates. We are back with another exciting release!

New Property Types

We have added two new property types for you.

  • Date
  • Date / Time

When talking dates, maintaining the correct data type is key. This allows us to display the dates in the correct format and timezone, depending on the user preferences.

It will also allow for date based conditions down the line.


New metadata merge fields for E-comm

  • Capture location
    • Location
    • Location & sub-location
    • Sub-location
  • Unique Asset Identifier Year


Asset Filter Restructured

We've restructured the Asset filter, as it had grown out of its old structure.
You still have all the same filters, it's just easier to navigate.


Capture API

We deployed the first methods for the Capture API. This will allow external applications to stand in for Kelvin. You might ask, "Why would we want that?" Well, we have a lot of customers using capture technology like automated machines, and these quite hard to combine with Creative Force. The first connector coming out really soon. Stay tuned… 🙂

The methods are:

  • GET v1/capture/tasks
  • GET v1/capture/tasks/{taskId}
  • POST v1/assets/get-presigned-url
  • POST v1/capture/tasks/submit-assets

Editorial Updates

We launched a huge amount of important updates to editorial.

  • Better display of mock-ups in the Hue Panel.
  • Linking to any Cloud Resource (box, Dropbox, Office 365 etc.)
  • Preset naming conventions.
  • Add Products by pasting sample codes.
  • Add Products via scan.
  • Added all captured metadata merge fields.
  • Contact Sheet and Download Functionality on the Asset tab.
  • Better Workflow validation.
  • Save mock-up using CMD+S

Bugs fixed

  • Filter data on the deliverables tab within the project need to be filtered by project
  • Remove Outfit combination on people filters.
  • Unable to select sub-template on Style Guide
  • Incorrect naming for Color Reference options in workflows
  • Unable to use the "Copy Mapping From" function in Style Guides
  • Editorial Project Sheet Not Displaying Product Count
  • Incorrect person displayed for External Post comments
  • Bypassing External Post causes images to get stuck at External Post QC.
  • Not able to reject alt images from Photo Review.