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Sprint Release #74

Sprint 74 Release Note: Faster Vendor Portal Product Mapping, SFTP Keys, and More Performance Upgrades. 


A new release is live and ready for you in the platform! This sprint we had a high focus on optimizing performance and fixing bugs in the system - a bit of a spring-cleaning. Enjoy the read.


  • SFTP Public/Private Key Authentication.
  • Optimize the speed of the auto map product API on Vendor Portal.
  • Retry on timeout when sending images to external post.
  • Prevent error for parallel actions of reset product.
  • Optimize API call to enrich People filter.
  • Handle New WebSocket Events from Server.
  • Display cropped images in outfit sheet.
  • Correct kanban status with data from server.

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed: API: Asset hub can't filter by outfit CF barcode.
  • Fixed: API: Wrong event log when reset product to specific step.
  • Fixed: API: Bug when reset product after changing source.
  • Fixed: API: Bug when deleting wardrobe item.
  • Fixed: API: Bug sample code is not written as XMP metadata.
  • Fixed: Kelvin: Keyboard shortcuts not working: "Cmd/Ctrl" + "Shift" + "A", "Cmd/Ctrl" + "-/+"
  • Fixed: Kelvin: Thumbnail preview issues when the image has cropping data.
  • Fixed: Kelvin: Small images do not fill the container.
  • Fixed: Kelvin: Unable to view image when confirming a product.
  • Fixed: Kelvin: Remove the "tone down" from images after deleting a transfer.
  • Fixed: Gamma: Rejected Products do not appear in chronological order in External Post QC (Labs).
  • Fixed: Gamma: Color picker is not available in External Post QC.
  • Fixed: Gamma: Import job does not handle the socket event.
  • Fixed: Gamma: Unable to start a task that has been rejected to the vendor portal.
  • Fixed: Gamma: Client name is not shown in production view.
  • Fixed: Gamma: Add extra ES query to support API downloads in Assets.
  • Fixed: Gamma: Not Show Rejection Information in Final Selection.