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Sprint Release #58

Sprint 58 Release Note: Improved Scanning Flow - with Check-in Alerts, Label Printing, and Property Updates - and New API to Easily Access Assets.

Sprint 58 is here and ready for you! Lots of improvements and some great new features. Enjoy the read and thank you for all the great feedback!

New Features

Scanning Flow: Alert Update


Multi-location studios often move samples around and it can be hard to know if a particular sample was previously checked-in or not just by looking at it with your eyes. Until now, you had to sort the samples physically into two types: "Checked in" and "Not checked in" as you had to run a change location on the samples that were checked in.

Well, not anymore! From now on, just run a check-in flow and we will alert you when a sample is already checked in. You will then be given the option to update the location of the sample and continue.

New Scanning Flow: Label Print + Apply Property

Yet another flow that allows for a combination of:

  • Property Update
  • Label Print
  • Check-in

Let's check in some stuff!

Assets API

We have added a new API method to extract assets programmatically.
Basically, it will allow your developers to download assets from any step in the process and for selected production types. These can be brought into other systems immediately when they are ready for it by leveraging webhooks.

Production view: Export CSV

(Launches Thursday, September 10th)

Here's a feature for the Excel addicts out there. From the production view, you can now export a CSV with the data of the current view. The file will include the active columns and the selected rows. If you haven't selected any rows the file will include the entire result.

Delta Update Support for Delete and Deactivate Product

The final functionality of our lightweight but yet powerful integration approach using a data source is ready for you. Now you can delete and deactivate/activate products using a flag in your delta files. What's a flag you might think. Well, it's not complicated at all. Have your IT team add two extra columns in the delta files:

  • isDeleted
  • IsDeactivated

When a product is dropped and you don't want to produce it, you can have your exporting system (SAP or similar) add a "1" to one of these columns depending on if you want the product to be deleted or deactivated in Creative Force.


"In Progress" Trigger Updated

When someone scanned a sample in Kelvin, we would see that as the Photography task had started and we would update the status of the task to "In Progress" and the product status as well.

We have experienced that this is not a good trigger as a scan can happen by mistake or simply just too early. We've therefore updated the trigger so that the Photography task moves to In Progress when images are transferred from Kelvin.

ZEBRA Direct Printing Improved Stability

Direct printing to ZEBRA is fast!

But it's proven to require the effort of wrangling a herd of lions to get it running well.

(We have no idea about how hard that is but it sounds like a lot of work)

This sprint we have improved how the labels are printed and we can now say that if your printer can handle it (it can't), we can print 500 labels per second.


Further Optimization of our Elastic Search data

Some of you are still reporting issues here and there on the Elastic Search data (all screens with filters and views). We've seen massive improvements but there are still cases where we can do it even better. Your feedback is crucial around this, so please continue to write to us when you see some unexpected data. Thanks!

Bugs Fixed

  • Filmstrip scroll on Final Selection will not follow the currently selected image.
  • Build Job from data source error when the cell contains a comma.
  • Connection error to Data Source Delta file.