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Sprint Release #64

Sprint 64 Release Note: Launch of Workfront Connector, Integrations Overview, and Apply Workflow Updates. Sprint 64 is now live and ready for you!

We are happy to introduce Connectors and we’re especially excited about the Workfront connector which we hope will make your lives easier when having to keep your upstream departments updated on production status.

Enjoy the read and thank you for all the great feedback!

Introducing: Connectors

We’ve boxed all our existing connection options into a new concept called Connectors.


Here you can get an overview of what is supported by each connector. Eventually, you will also be able to enable/disable individual connectors and thereby ensure better data protection. The current connectors are:

  • Amazon S3
  • Bynder
  • Cloudinary
  • CSV Feed
  • JSON Feed
  • XML Feed
  • FTP
  • SFTP
  • Google Cloud Storage
  • Pixelz
  • Workfront

For each connector, you can see what is supported.


Workfront Connector


We are happy to announce that Creative Force now has a native Workfront connector. The Workfront connector is developed with a lot of help and assistance from our friends at Cella.

The Workfront connector enables you to synchronize job and product statuses to Workfront projects.

Before you can use the connector, you need to set up the connection between the two systems. You just need to enter your Workfront Fusion Username and Password as well as the URL and Workfront API key:


Connect a Job to a Workfront Project

As soon as you have connected a job in Creative Force with a Workfront Project the system will automatically keep Workfront updated on all projects connected with Creative Force.


Creative Force will create a photo studio task as well as a number of subtasks for both e-comm or editorial photography. This will make it really easy to keep your stakeholders in Workfront up-to-date on progress.

Individual Product Status

The status in Workfront is maintained down to the product level and updated in real-time.


Product Status Page

On the Workfront task for each product, we are adding a link to access the product overview page in Creative Force. This page contains general product information, production status, styling, and the ability to view assets created for the product.



Apply Workflow & Style Guide Updates

We have adjusted the “Apply Updates” functionality to also include workflows. This way it is now really easy to apply any changes you might have made in either a workflow or style guide.

Print a single label

When printing a label for a sample that was used by multiple products that would result in multiple labels. We’ve now made it easy to control which label is actually printed. Just un-check the ones you don’t want or use the “ONLY” option if you just want a single.


Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed: Incorrect JPG extension after export.
  • Fixed: “Undefined” exception in Kelvin and Hue.
  • Fixed: Pending download in Hue, but never starting.
  • Fixed: Scrolling in the ES filter on smaller screens.