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Sprint Release #83

Sprint 83 Release Note: Launch of Box Connector Offers Flexible Post-production Flows & More Asset Delivery Options. We are back with another exciting release!



Box Connector

We are happy to announce that today we launched the Box Connector for Creative Force. The connector enables studios to work with post-production vendors who are based on the Box cloud storage platform. It also allows for using Box as an asset delivery option for workflows.



More on how to set up the Box Connector

Kelvin Speed Optimization ⚡️

Keeping the on-set experience fast and smooth is of the highest priority for us.
In this sprint, we deployed more tickets to improve the performance in Kelvin.

  • Dedicate service to read star rating and width/height of original files.
  • Cache star rating and width/height of original files.
  • Improve folder reading.

Mobile App Improvements

  • Increased the maximum length of property values to 2048 characters.
  • Conditional Production Types: Updated logic related to creating outfits.
  • Show a message for disabled work units.

Public API Improvements

  • Correct response status on the get-import-async-status API.
  • Improve performance on adding product to data source API.
  • Support OpenID on Authentication server.

Other Improvements

  • Kelvin: Show/hide "Edit" button based on the user's permissions.
  • Gamma: Print style guide: Disable the print button until all images are loaded.
  • Order secondary product in an outfit by added date time.
  • Limit 2FA code usage to a single time.
  • Update identifier of a file on Vendor FTP server by (file-name, size, modify-date), instead of (file-path, size, modify-date)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Mobile: Creates an Outfit - Sorting order of Outfit Products
  • Fixed: Mobile: Stuck at the loading screen when setting off auto-lock
  • Fixed: Gamma: Style guide client filter is not removed when changing account.
  • Fixed: Gamma: Print Style Guide: Show/Hide Example Image Set issue.
  • Fixed: Kelvin: Products failing to transfer due to a reset product.
  • Fixed: Kelvin: Kelvin Crashing + Login Errors.
  • Fixed: Kelvin: Not pulling new images from watch folder.
  • Fixed: Kelvin: Thumbnails do not load on Kelvin 3.11.0.
  • Fixed: Kelvin: Incorrect Sample checked in on set.