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Sprint Release #122

Sprint 122 Release Note: More Control when Configuring SSO Log-In Settings and Other Improvements. It's release day again! This time a shorter edition - but don't worry, we have been working on some really powerful features that we’re excited to bring to you soon. Enjoy the read! 🎉

Greater Control when Configuring SSO Log-In Settings


We’ve added two new options in your studio’s Security Settings when enabling the setting Enforce SSO Log-In.

Previously when enforcing Single Sign-On, only the Account Owner could bypass SSO to access Creative Force with their password instead. With this release, you’ll now see two options depending on which level of access you’d like to allow:

  • Enforce everyone except Account Owner
  • Enforce everyone except Administrator and Account Owner


In the case that your SSO setup or provider is experiencing issues, relying solely on the CF Account Owner to access your instance of Creative Force may be a bottleneck.

This new feature gives studios using SSO more control over how their CF instances are accessed in the event that the Account Owner is not available.

Other Improvements

  • Added ability to use up and down arrow keys within Studio Settings filter
  • Upgraded Electron version of Hue and Kelvin for improved app performance
  • Added error message when uploading a Style Guide cover or position image which contains special characters

Bugs Fixed

  • Editorial: Fullscreen preview displaying Mood Board images as small thumbnail
  • Editorial: Issue with direct reference sample after adding and editing product
  • Editorial: Issue with displaying Main File button in the Deliverable Workflow tab
  • Editorial: Post Review: Unable to preview assets in Firefox browser
  • Editorial: Task preview showing incorrect assigned controller information
  • External Post API: Sending rejection info for positions that have bypassed External Post
  • External Post: External Post Vendor information missing in table grid views
  • External Post: Task not finishing even after receiving files if no subsequent steps are needed
  • Gamma: Displaying Sample action ‘Release from Container’ as an option in slide-in even if sample not added to a container
  • Gamma: Job View: Unable to reset production after selecting all products in Job
  • Gamma: Markup Tool: Crop from Final Selection not saved after hitting Continue
  • Gamma: Presets: Fixed display bug in Preset Spec screen
  • Gamma: Preview: Displaying incorrect step order and Latest Step assets for images with External > Internal > Internal workflow
  • Gamma: Sample Location & Sub-Location discrepancy between table grid and Sample slide-In
  • Gamma: Studio Settings: Displaying ‘Enable’ action on Product Vendor user while user is already enabled
  • Gamma: Studio Settings: Error when deleting Post-Production Vendors
  • Gamma: Studio Settings: Filtering or searching too quickly displays wrong results
  • Gamma: Style Guides: Save Button remains enabled after saving successfully
  • Gamma: Video Player: Videos unable to play in Firefox browser
  • Hue: Incorrect file opening in Hue, despite thumbnail being correct
  • Vendor Portal: In Progress tasks not being moved into Doing column
  • Vendor Portal: Rejected tasks not removing from Done column