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Sprint Release #87

Sprint 87 Release Note: More Control Over Conditional Production, Greater Specificity for Task Filters, and Assets View for Editorial Projects. We are back with another exciting release!

Empty Value Support in Conditional Operations

We've added a new conditional operator to our system. You can now set up conditions based on a value being empty or not empty.


The new conditional operator is available for:

  • Production Types
  • Metadata Rules
  • Positions

Step Filter for Internal Post Steps

We've added a step filter for the kanban task screens that are covering Internal Post and Internal Post QC. Using this filter, you can easily decide on which tasks to display and work on.


Editorial Project Assets


We added an Assets view in the Editorial Project Screen. This way you can easily access the assets generated for the specific project. Functions include:

  • Download assets
  • Free text search
  • Filter
  • Saved Views

Create Samples via CSV

You can now create new samples by uploading a CSV directly from the sample screen. The new samples are added to existing sample pools if they are there, or create new pools as needed.

Other Improvements

  • Editorial: Bulk edit deliverables.
  • Editorial: Displaying recent projects in the top navigation.
  • Assets: Add filter for custom properties of Deliverable and Project.
  • Editorial: Add the Project properties into the project filter.
  • Editorial: Add "Start" and "View" menu on Internal Post QC task at Workflow Tab.
  • Editorial: Add asset location when upload from Kelvin.
  • Kelvin: Show documents in Deliverable slide-in.

Bugs fixed

  • Fixed: API: Can not deliver to related to case-sensitive folder.
  • Fixed: API: Bynder cannot view metadata of position property.
  • Fixed: API: Asset delivery folder not created based on position property.
  • Fixed: API: Some products were stuck at “Awaiting color reference”.
  • Fixed: API: An asset delivery step was stuck in backlog.
  • Fixed: API: Editorial production view not updating sample properties.
  • Fixed: API: HTML annotation files for External Post appear blank.
  • Fixed: Gamma: Handle socket exceptions.
  • Fixed: Gamma: Not able to reject alt images from Photo Review.
  • Fixed: Gamma: Not saving metadata when edit Preset.
  • Fixed: Gamma: Editorial: Selected images are not displayed.
  • Fixed: Gamma: Editorial: Workflow validation.
  • Fixed: Gamma: Editorial: Rejection information is displayed incorrectly.
  • Fixed: Gamma: Editorial: Edit custom properties.
  • Fixed: Gamma: Editorial: Inconsistency if select multiple data.
  • Fixed: Kelvin: "Cannot load the selection" when scanning a deliverable code.
  • Fixed: Kelvin: Deliverable button when project has no deliverable.
  • Fixed: HUE: Not showing all tasks that are available to be picked
  • Fixed: HUE: Assigned tasks do not match between Gamma and HUE.
  • Fixed: HUE: Tasks assigned in Gamma does not appear in HUE.