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Sprint Release #125

Sprint 125 Release Note: New Brandquad Connector enables both PIM and DAM capabilities. Happy reading on sprint release day! 🎉

Connect PIM Data and Deliver Assets with our Latest Connector

We are excited to announce our first connector that operates two-fold! With the Brandquad connector enabled, you can connect Brandquad PIM data as the source for your production and you can also deliver finished assets directly to a Brandquad DAM instance. Please contact your Customer Success Manager for more information about enabling this connector on your Studio’s account.

Bugs Fixed

  • GAMMA: ESC keyboard shortcut doesn't close the video player screen as expected
  • GAMMA: Contact Sheet: Text is cut off when thumbnails are resized smaller
  • VENDOR PORTAL: Images incorrectly showing as small thumbnails
  • HUE: Task only creates and opens the working file of the last asset, despite configured setting to open all task working files
  • HUE: Unexpected result when opening color reference from the Photoshop panel
  • API: Expected update not coming through - received 400 Bad Request error message
  • API: Unexpected instructions shown in Post QC step
  • API: Issue displaying Final Selection task after reset production
  • API: Duplicate data on ValidatePresetStyleGuide
  • API: Incorrect number of Products in Backlog when Job is in To Do status
  • API: For the Post Production workflow model ‘Hybrid (External → Internal → Internal)’, Internal Post QC L2 unable to continue if Asset delivery is not enabled