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Sprint Release #72

Sprint 72 Release Note: Launch of New Capture One Integration Features. 

We're extremely excited to release our Capture ONE Integration!

With this, we have laid the foundation for a much faster capture execution and tighter data integration with your favorite RAW Converter.


Capture ONE Integration

Next Capture Naming

Define your naming convention from Kelvin and leverage all the data of Creative Force to name your next captured image automatically.

Reversible Cropping

Crops made in Capture ONE are now possible to reverse and adjust throughout the production process without losing any pixels along the way.

Back-up Assistant

Back-up RAW files to a network or local storage using the Creative Force data to ensure logical paths.

Why is this only for MacOS? 😭

Unfortunately, the Windows edition of Capture ONE does not allow us to integrate in a way where we can make these features possible. We hope to be able to do so with future releases of Capture ONE.

Detail information about the Capture ONE Integration can be found here.


We have updated the logic when receiving assets from post-production vendors to prevent duplicate asset.

Bugs Fixed

  • Gamma: Job Import issue.
  • Gamma: Template does not sync from Pixelz after variant is turn off.
  • Gamma: Printing Stopped halfway through printing labels.
  • Gamma: Can not duplicate style guide in the list view.
  • Gamma: Styling Actions Menu is different in Assets view.
  • HUE: Clean-up service not working.