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Sprint Release #97

Sprint 97 Release Note: Launch of New Creative Force Academy Platform with Editorial Content Now Available, Plus Other Improvements and Fixes.

Welcome back for another round of releases!
See below for details and happy reading 🚀

Creative Force Academy Upgrade

We couldn't be more excited to share with you that Creative Force Academy has received a huge makeover for 2022!

We know you and your teams are creative people, so we've done a ton of work to transition to a completely new learning platform that caters to visually-oriented users. From the styling to the navigation around the site, we've improved every aspect of the learning experience to make getting started in Creative Force as enjoyable as possible.

We've also launched our new Editorial courses with the new platform!


We've given Academy a facelift!

Just as before, you'll find Creative Force Academy at

If you have any feedback, please don't hesitate to contact Aaron Horwath, our Head of Learning, at with any suggestions you have.

Copy outfit to another production type

We have added support for copying an outfit from one production type to another.

Pro Tip:This is especially useful if you produce style outs as a separate production type. It's now much easier to copy over the outfit, with all product information, with just a few clicks!


Easily copy your outfit from production type to another with the "Duplicate Outfit" action.

Outfit APIs

Three new methods have been made available. These will allow you to pull outfit information via the public API.

  • GET /outfits?productid={productId}
  • GET /outfits/{outfitId}/products
  • GET /outfits/{outfitId}

Check it out here:

Photo Review: Usability Update

We've updated some usability aspects for Photo Review, and more will follow in the next sprint. It's now easier to work with alternative shots.

  • Update Reject button UI
  • Update Alts Button
  • Update Alts Panel


Example of the initial usability updates for Photo Review

MSI package support

Update for our Windows teams: .MSI install packages allow for silent installs and updates without users having to confirm anything via the UI. IT teams can silently install the software without user interference.

Location types can be added to both locations and sub-locations.

  • Support download MSI package in
  • Builder: Need to export MSI and EXE package when build Kelvin/HUE
  • Support download of the latest file (msi or exe) directly from

Please see our Help Center Knowledge Base Article for more information.

Editorial Improvements

  • Send alert to users if delivery asset failed.
  • Support to clear property values.
  • Event Log Support.

Other Improvements

  • Add color property value to styling information tab.
  • Label Print Dialog: Selection functions.
  • Production View: Add contextual menu for data grid table.
  • Edit product from production view.
  • CF Gateway: Display source on the API Get Product Status.
  • Sort container list.
  • Reduce response size of API GetImageById.
  • Enrich user info on Job event log.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Gamma: Does not auto update cover image after change
  • Fixed: Gamma: Duplicated results in downloaded data from Production view
  • Bug: Flow scan update
  • Fixed: Gamma: Check in/ Check out failed in Sample screen
  • Fixed: Gamma: Production type condition issue.
  • Fixed: Gamma: Location: Wrong behavior when switch page.
  • Fixed: Gamma: Unable to change Post Production Vendor due to "Bad Input"
  • Fixed: Editorial: Job Import Error "User does not have permissions on client".
  • Fixed: Editorial: Creative Force writing metadata that is non-compliant with existing metadata rules.
  • Fixed: Editorial: CF Sample Code Does Not Add Sample to Deliverable.
  • Fixed: Editorial: Naming Convention with Primary Product Code Merge Field Showing Twice for Sample.
  • Fixed: Editorial: Prevent users edit preset if workflow has only asset delivery step.
  • Fixed: Editorial: "Equal to" operator does not work with "Datetime".
  • Fixed: Editorial: Sample Code Not Showing on Deliverable Overview
  • Fixed: Editorial: Editorial Asset "Show Information" Fly-out Showing All Empty Properties.
  • Fixed: Editorial: Sample Count Does Not Update on Deliverable
  • Fixed: Editorial: Deliverable Overview and Update via Sheet not working on Deliverables Page.
  • Fixed: Editorial: Product & Sample Heading Displaying Incorrect count.
  • Fixed: API: Conditional rule on production type doesn't work.
  • Fixed: API: Products stuck in To Do Status for External Post with an FTP vendor.
  • Fixed: API: Incorrect number of products to be deleted at once.
  • Fixed: Hue: Internal Post task data repeatedly downloaded, leading to extremely large task folders.
  • Fixed: Kelvin: Unable to transfer file from Kelvin.
  • Fixed: Kelvin: Not able to render image thumbnails when \ is in file name.