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Sprint Release #124

Sprint 124 Release Note: New Looklet Integration in Creative Force, Email Alerts for External Post Transfer Issues and more! Sprint 124 is live and ready for you! Happy Reading! 🎉

Boost Your Efficiency with the New Looklet Integration in Creative Force



Our new Looklet integration offers studios who are using both platforms the ability to enjoy an automated, end-to-end production experience.

With the connector enabled, the Looklet production type can be created via Studio Settings. Both systems will automatically update status as the assets work through Capture, Processing, and Styling steps.

For more information about how to set up the new Looklet integration, our Knowledge Base articles on How to connect to Looklet and how to use Looklet in Gamma are ready for you!



For Creative Force studios using Looklet, the production workflow can now be streamlined across both system to unlock some great benefits:

  • Track end-to-end production status against all production types
  • Easily incorporate Looklet images into the bigger suite of assets already in Creative Force
  • Gain insights into the Looklet production process via insights and reporting
  • Automate the transfer, post-production, metadata generation, and asset delivery of Looklet assets.

Never Miss a Beat: Email Alerts for External Post Transfer Issues



Account Owners will now receive an email alert when Creative Force is unable to transfer files to External Post. This email will include information such as the attempted transfer time, product and file information, and details around the transfer issue.



With this notification, Studios gain the chance to quickly identify when there is an issue with transferring files to External Post, allowing them to more effectively troubleshoot the problem in a timely manner.

Other Improvements

  • Gamma: In all table grids, shift-click anywhere in a row to select it, or shift-click multiple rows to select all of the rows in-between
  • Gamma: Studio Settings: New Internal Post Studio Settings to define preferred working file type for Ecomm and Editorial tasks
  • Hue: Support PSB working file type
  • Kelvin: Display login screen faster
  • SSO: Added IDP-initiated login capability
  • Vendor Portal: Show explanation when no positions are enabled for Final Selection

Bugs Fixed

  • API: Cannot upload new color reference
  • API: Delay when downloading Assets from Assets page
  • GAMMA: Editorial: Collation & Fanout icons disappear when user enables both flows for the same step
  • GAMMA: UI overlapping on Change Location screen
  • HUE: Layered PSD Exported from Hue despite Layers setting not checked
  • KELVIN: Error with fetching merge fields