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Sprint Release #113

PDP Video Production Has Never Been Easier


The signature Creative Force values that photo content producers know and love - like faster time to market, higher throughput, total visibility, and reduced risk - are now available to those who produce video content as well.

Within the same workflow, no less. No more switching platforms or manually handling files whenever you have to produce video.

With features including an abundance of pre-capture production management, detailed tracking, integrated video review, automated file handling, rich metadata, and reporting, the Cloud Video module is here to make your video workflow headaches float away, like clouds on a sunny day.


Business and merchandising requests for eCommerce videos keep rising, but there's been no scalable way to meet demand. With Cloud Video in Creative Force, you can now manage end-to-end photo and video production in the same, simplified workflow and eliminate the complex, time-consuming, error-prone patchwork of solutions you've previously had to resort to.

Save (Even More) Time With Mark-Up Shortcuts


New keyboard shortcuts have been added to the mark-up tool, making the review process a bit easier. Try drawing a mark-up on a photo, then use TAB to get directly to the comment box and add your comment. And when you’re done, simply use CMD + Enter to save it! You might also notice how comments are now automatically associated with the active marking color.


Well, if you know Creative Force, you know we’re big on time-saving conveniences. Less clicks, less cursor maneuvering, less hassle. What’s not to love?

Other Improvements

  • VENDOR PORTAL: Improve loading of images
  • API: Editorial event log updates
  • API: Event log updates for Production Type
  • API: Support show default thumbnail if video error
  • API: Event log updates when downloading assets
  • API: Event log updates for Public API calls
  • API: Improvement for the Post Production Vendor delete function - previously blocked by Workflows & Style Guides
  • API: Updates to cache when getting user skills
  • API: Standardize input for the code of objects
  • GAMMA: Standardize input for the code of objects

Bugs Fixed

  • FIXED: GAMMA: Issue with toggling External Post Vendor button in Style Guide
  • FIXED: GAMMA: Main area of markup component flashing when switching assets
  • FIXED: GAMMA: Image is not showing in full size in the Final Selection task in Gamma
  • FIXED: GAMMA: When removing filters on the Assets View, the screen is displaying an incorrect result
  • FIXED: GAMMA: The filter in the Photo Review Kanban screen is displaying incorrect results
  • FIXED: GAMMA: Copy update in restricted client warning text
  • FIXED: GAMMA: Discrepancy on updated sample code
  • FIXED: GAMMA: Changing preset on Style Guide results in "InvalidDeliveryConnectionRouting" error
  • FIXED: API: Error when bulk submitting image selection on Vendor Portal
  • FIXED: API: Able to create duplicated container code in error
  • FIXED: API: When importing a job, incorrect warning message shown
  • FIXED: API: Image is not showing in full size in the Final Selection task in Gamma
  • FIXED: API: Incorrect DPI shown in External Post QC
  • FIXED: API: Issue when resetting metadata rules - removes color profile
  • FIXED: API: EIP files do not display as expected in full screen view in Assets
  • FIXED: API: Missing GIF extension of auto variant
  • FIXED: API: HUE: Error message "Something Wrong with your Authentication Session" when user logged out
  • FIXED: API: Discrepancy in data on production view
  • FIXED: API: Style Guide position name missing in files
  • FIXED: API: Network busy messages for multiple users
  • FIXED: API: Job cannot be deleted