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Sprint Release #82

Sprint 82 Release Note: More Control and Visibility for Stakeholders with Printable Style Guides, Plus Kelvin Speed Optimization. We are back with another exciting release!

Printable Style Guides

We've made the style guides printable. Enabling you to share the information with external contractors, stakeholders etc.


The printable Style Guide contains the following components:

Cover Page

  • Logo (You can white-label the style guides with your logo or even client logos).
  • Style Guide Name.
  • Cover Shot.
  • Version Number.

Style Guide Overview

  • Production Types
  • Example Image Set (pulled from actual production images.)
  • Category Triggers


  • Shot Requirements
  • Naming Convention
  • Position Attributes (Hero, Ghost Mannequin, Photo Review)
  • Description.

It's possible to define the position image size with a slider, and all the components mentioned above can be disabled if they are not relevant.

Kelvin Speed Optimization ⚡️

Keeping the on-set experience fast and smooth is of the highest priority for us. In this sprint, we deployed phase 1 and 2 of a bigger performance update to Kelvin.

  • Profiler application performance for a long time running
  • Move transferred/hide setting files to workspace folder instead of watching folder
  • Move FileSystem functions from Renderer to the Main process.
  • Move timer of Idle reaction from Render process to Main process.
  • Chromium - Throttle expensive background timers.
  • Electron - Transparent render.
  • Improve thumbnail services: Cache file content.
  • Improve thumbnail services: Make higher priority for 1600 when images are dropped.

Other Improvements

  • Improve & optimize cost when using Lambda to make thumbnail
  • Make sure all production file is moved out from S3 temporary location.
  • Clean up the Finished Date Time UTC of a product and task after resetting.
  • Send email to security team if malicious files are uploaded by a user.
  • Add signature & verify for webhook from Vendor.
  • Refactor Post Production jobs (deployed 2021-08-08).
  • Refactor Asset delivery jobs (deployed 2021-08-08).
  • Increased the maximum length for custom properties to 2048 characters.
  • Vendor Portal. When submitting all, the function should submit all tasks, not just the visible tasks.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Team on set data remains after a reset.
  • Fixed: Product arrives in Internal Post QC with no image.
  • Fixed: Internal Post shows extra reject information (from external post).
  • Fixed: Couldn't receive images from vendor for disabled work unit.
  • Fixed: Color reference files were delivered to incorrect folder.
  • Fixed: Kelvin: Sometimes the cover image if not loaded for a transfer.
  • Fixed: Kelvin: "Cannot find the barcode" stays after input text cleared.
  • Fixed: Kelvin: key press listener is active when other dialogs are open.
  • Fixed: Kelvin: Slow loading when moving between views.
  • Fixed: Kelvin: Slow performance and loading wrong image.
  • Fixed: Kelvin: Capture One backup assistant does not back up all files.
  • Fixed: Gamma: Allowing upload unaccepted files.