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Sprint Release #67

Sprint 67 Release Note: Quickly Identify Unassigned Tasks with New Filter, Easily Map Meta Properties to Bynder, and Support for Multiple Outfits in Kelvin.

We hope you made it well into the new year! Here is the first release of the year with some nice updates for you and your team. Enjoy the read!

Features & Improvements

Filter for Unassigned task

We've added a small new filter that will make it much easier to assign tasks in the Kanban screens. Via the filter, you can select "Assignee" and then tick off "Only show Unassigned". You now only see the tasks that are not assigned to anyone.


Default Value of Properties

We've updated the logic for list properties. Default values are now also applied to the data as well as being used in the UI when editing an entity. This was how our users understood the functionality, and now it also works that way.

EPS and PDF Support

It is now possible to upload EPS and PDF files from Kelvin and the Vendor portal. Please notice that the thumbnail display in Kelvin is not yet available.

Bynder Meta Property Update

It is now easier than ever to map the data you have in Creative Force, with your meta properties in Bynder. We are retrieving them from your Bynder Instance which makes it possible for you to select and map much easier in the Creative Force interface.

Support for Multiple Outfits in Kelvin

In cases with multiple outfits on a production type (or just multiple work units), we will now ask the user in Kelvin to select the production they want to work on.


Other Improvements

  • Allow more resource files in Kelvin (Before: max 5. Now: max 20).
  • Automatically select sample when uploading images from Vendor Portal.
  • Mobile: Update logic to create an outfit.

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed: Not showing the newest name of a style guide when using a previous version on a workflow.
  • Fixed: Can't update product code in a case where another equal code exists.
  • Fixed: Color reference is not removed after product reset.
  • Fixed: Error when deleting a product vendor.
  • Fixed: Product has duplicate property value.
  • Fixed: Mobile: Missing location name on a sample.
  • Fixed: Mobile: Double Product name.
  • Fixed: Mobile: Displayed property values are not updated after editing.
  • Fixed: Mobile: Status bar height on iPhone 12 series.