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Sprint Release #128

Sprint 128 Release Note: Share for External Review for Editorial Projects, and more! Happy reading on sprint release day! 🎉

Introducing Share for External Review for Editorial Projects


Automatically route retouched assets for review

  • Share with internal users or external stakeholders
  • Invite as many (or as few) people as needed
  • Invited stakeholders can access easily without an account

Email notifications

  • When invited, receive an email invitation that takes you directly to the assets for review
  • Email notifications of review activity automatically sent straight to the task owner’s inbox

Real-time review and collaboration

  • Feedback is synced in real time between the stakeholder view and users in Creative Force

Control sharing and security

  • As an admin, define the allowed list of domains that users can share out with
  • Add, edit, or remove access to review easily
  • Define functional capability per invited person


A single tool for both studios and stakeholders to review and approve content

  • Can now share deliverables externally so don’t have to handle stakeholder feedback outside of Creative Force.

Simple to invite external stakeholders to review and approve deliverables

  • Invite anyone with an email address to review and approve images before delivery.
  • No Creative Force account is required.

Easy-to-Use Interface

  • The stakeholder review interface is a simplified version of Creative Force’s standard review feature, incorporating only the essential functions, like markups and comments, needed to provide feedback.
  • Simple comment, @ reply, and reaction mimic the functions people are already familiar with from social media
  • Stakeholders see only the images they need to review, making it simple for them to open the files, provide feedback and/or approval, and move on with their day.

Streamlined communication

  • Automated emails notify stakeholders when assets are ready for review and inform task owners of review activity.
  • Feedback is centralized in one place and synced in real-time between the stakeholder view and Creative Force users.

Secure access management

  • Easily add, edit, or revoke access
  • Define an allowed list of email domains

Other Improvements

  • Updated System Requirements: The System Requirements article has been recently updated to provide you with the latest information on the supported system configurations for optimal performance.
  • Introducing Support Lifecycle Article: We are excited to introduce a new article in our knowledge base, dedicated to informing you about the Support Lifecycle. Stay informed about the duration and availability of support for our products and services.
  • SSO Provisioning, you can now create, delete and manage groups via SSO.
  • Manually Toggle Auto-sync for Jobs syncing from a data source.
  • Handle Crop Image Exception: no more issues when cropping very small images.
  • Import Job: Enhanced Error Message.
  • Vendor Portal: Optimized auto-mapping performance.
  • New External Post Vendor setting ‘Working Time Zone’ controls the time zone used in folder creation and date-related metadata during the External Post step.
  • An improved method to read DPI from images.
  • We only show matching samples in the "Select Sample" dialog when scanning a sample code.

Bugs Fixed

  • GAMMA: VPI tasks were also displayed in the Photography Kanban.
  • GAMMA: Instructions were displayed twice in the Internal Post QC.
  • GAMMA: UI error when removing filters by showing the context menu.
  • GAMMA: The list of user skills is visible in the User Invite / User Update screen.
  • GAMMA: Updating a product via Data Source was not possible via the Action menu.
  • GAMMA: Markup component: Selected image is not retained when the user changes the destination.
  • KELVIN: Missing file to add instructions/marks in Kelvin.
  • KELVIN: Images were not toned down after being selected for a position.
  • HUE: Missing outfit details in UXP Panel.
  • API: Wrong generated auto variant.
  • API: The number of products was not updated after deleting.
  • API: Missing Warning on Jobs View.
  • API: Requests were not appearing in Vendor Portal.
  • API: Editorial file name error when sending files to delivery.