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Sprint Release #100

Sprint 100 Release Note: Our 100th Release Launches Sharable Saved Views, New Interface to Manage Product Category Triggers, Final Selection for Video, and more!

We are back with another exciting release!
Actually our 100th release! 🎉

View Sharing

One of our most requested features ever has launched! You are now able to share saved views with team members for easy sharing of information and ensuring you're on the same page... literally. You can share views with the following scopes:

  • Individuals
  • By Role
  • Global

Category Trigger Management

Our new category management interface will give you full control over your triggers across all style guides. Keeping it nice and tidy, bulk adding and remapping then whole thing is now a piece of cake.

Final Selection for Video

Step-by-step, we inch our way closer to building Post-production for Cloud Video.
Final selection is an important step to get there. It also unlocks all request levels on the Vendor portal.

Other Improvement

  • Preset Duplication.
  • Split delivery asset to multiple queues.
  • Enable delivery options for Editorial.
  • Update sample scanning flow multiple results.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Auto variant sets wrong background color.
  • Fixed: Missing image delivery to Cloudinary.
  • Fixed: Wrong date time when importing from data source.
  • Fixed: Cannot Print Sample Label for Wardrobe Items.
  • Fixed: Unable to manually select images in Final Selection.
  • Fixed: Changing star rating freezes final selection filmstrip.
  • Fixed: Style guide production type doesn't update according to the workflow.
  • Fixed: Unexpected search results when searching in the Jobs Free text field.
  • Fixed: Unable to Bulk Search CF Sample Codes via Property Search.
  • Fixed: Products page is corrupt.
  • Fixed: Unable to reset products in bulk.
  • Fixed: Unable to map images to positions in the Vendor Portal.
  • Fixed: Keep rejected status after resetting a task.