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Sprint Release #121

Sprint 121 Release Note: Move Products Between Jobs, Additional Review Step in Editorial, and much more! We’ve come out with some highly sought-after features - happy reading on sprint release day! 🎉

Move Products Between Jobs


Users now have the ability to move one or multiple products to a new job via a “Move Products” action.

  • This can be done as a single action or in bulk.
  • Products can only be moved to jobs within the same client.
  • Outfits associated with a Product will also be moved.


Allows the user to manage their product & job organization with more control! Most commonly in the event that:

  • Products were correctly imported into a job, but the scope of the job has changed and now it must be produced against a different job
  • Products were imported onto the wrong job

Additional Review Step in Editorial Makes it Easier to Get Final Sign-Off


Users can now add a brand new review step called “Post Review” to their Editorial finalization workflows.

In Editorial, a Post Review step can be added as a step right after:

  • Internal Post step
  • External Post step
  • Internal Post QC step
  • External Post QC step

Users can access Post Review tasks via the new Post Review kanban screen in the Tasks dropdown.


In addition to QCing retouched assets for accuracy and correct execution, industry standard workflows for Editorial projects typically include secondary sign-off of retouched assets.

Through user discovery, we have found this is best facilitated by a grid-like view to review the suite of assets for creative sign-off, and this user experience is reflected in the Post Review task.

Other Improvements

  • Webhooks for job level events: Job Created, Job Deleted, Job Updated, Job Status Changed, Job Deadline Updated
  • Video: When using the history viewer during External Post QC, allow the user to play both the historical version and current version of the video simultaneously
  • Markup screen: ability to delete all markings and related comments
  • Event Log Access: Product log: Show sample code column and include all sample events

Bugs Fixed

  • GAMMA: FIXED: Video: Time at thumbnail video and time at preview video doesn’t match
  • GAMMA: FIXED: Issue displaying video instructions on the Photo Review screen
  • GAMMA: FIXED: Editorial: Inconsistency between the deliverable workflow screen and the mark instruction screen
  • GAMMA: FIXED: Editorial: Export Sample Sheet loading issue
  • GAMMA: FIXED: Editorial: Creative Brief: Not showing Products on Product Images tab
  • GAMMA: FIXED: Editorial: Duplicated API call when clicking to the Deliverable/Workflow tab
  • GAMMA: FIXED: Preview for EXT. Post L1 step missing from dropdown when viewing on Preview of EXT. Post QC L2
  • GAMMA: FIXED: Unable to click the Cancel button in the markup modal when some objects are being selected
  • FIXED: GAMMA: The highlight of a selected image is not updating in the Assets screen
  • GAMMA: FIXED: Settings: Add user: Error when search skill and user group
  • GAMMA: FIXED: Settings: Sub location list shows missing data after editing a sub location
  • GAMMA: FIXED: Production View: 'Cannot read properties of undefined (length)' error message when canceling change-source action
  • HUE: FIXED: Issue with filter and search options by keyword (job code, product code, editorial name)
  • HUE: FIXED: Data transfer issues - now prevent multiple instances from using the same workspace folder
  • KELVIN: FIXED: Data transfer issues - now prevent multiple instances from using the same workspace folder
  • API: FIXED: Long load time for External Post Tab of Style Guide
  • API: FIXED: Editorial: Instructions sent to External Post erroneously including non-selected images
  • API: FIXED: Editorial: Instructions: Update API Get List Annotations
  • API: FIXED: Editorial: Instructions: Issue when cropping images in Final Selection
  • API: FIXED: Error message when the user clicks start task in Vendor Portal
  • API: FIXED: Disabled production type showing on Production View
  • API: FIXED: Deleted Editorial Projects still shown in Gamma
  • API: FIXED: When adding and releasing a sample from a container, the sample doesn't show a location or sub-location value in the event log
  • API: FIXED: Settings: Delivery connections not validating non-select folder pattern
  • API: FIXED: Cannot read metadata CapureDatetime of CRW images
  • API: FIXED: Cover image not shown in Photo Review when uploading from VPI
  • API: FIXED: Upload error in Internal Post L2 error when the workflow has Internal Post L2 QC bypassed & Asset Delivery disabled