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Sprint Release #41

Sprint 41 Release Note: Two-Factor Authentication for All Apps, Product State and Status Updates.

Hi there

We have launched some great updates to Creative Force and are happy to share the release notes with you!

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Two-Factor Authentication

In the latest sprint we've achieved another milestone of our Security + Initiative with the addition of Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) to all Creative Force apps. Once 2FA is enabled on the account (via the security settings), you can then choose to enforce it for all users or make it optional.

We are currently supporting the following Authentication Apps:

  • Google Authenticator
  • MS Authenticator
  • Authy
  • LastPass Authenticator

Read more about how to roll out 2FA in your studio here:



Product State and Status Updates

Ignored = Inactive

We updated the definition for products that should not be produced, moving from 'ignored' to 'inactive.'

Inactive Products

Inactive Products were previously displayed in the product list with their current production status. We updated this status in the product list to correctly reflect the inactive status of the product.


Product States and Changes

Until now, a product moved from the status 'To Do' to 'In Progress' as soon as it was scanned (but not transferred) in Kelvin. We updated this feature so the product can keep its current 'To Do' status until the Kelvin transfer is completed.

Backlog vs. To Do

To support the future production planning feature in Creative Force, we added a new import setting on the account level. The admin can now decide if imported products will be set to a status of 'To Do' (default) or 'Backlog.'


For now, the difference between products in status 'Backlog' and products in status 'To Do' is that 'Backlog' products are not included in the progress calculation of a job by default.

The user can select a check-box to include the backlog products in the progress calculation of a job.


Please note: products in status “To Do” can be changed to “Backlog” manually and vice versa.