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Sprint Release #115

Sprint 115 Release Note: Updated Marking Up Interface for Kelvin, Data Sources Moved to Studio Level, Crop & Rotate Updates, and More! 

We’re back with another round of sprint release notes! 🎉 Happy reading!

Updated Interface for Marking Up Instructions in Kelvin!


When giving instructions for E-Comm workunits in Kelvin, we have updated the screen for marking up instructions with expanded colors, shapes, and commenting interface (same that we have in Gamma)!


Now the team on set can provide an enhanced level of clarity to downstream retouchers when communicating instructions for post, from within Kelvin.

Data Sources Now Moved to Studio Level


We have moved Data Sources out of the Client level and onto the Studio level. Additionally, from the Client level, the user will be able to select one of the existing data sources to be used for that particular client.

Don’t worry - any active Data Source being used in your studio will remain mapped to the appropriate Client during this update!


This update eliminates the need for redundant data sources. We found that Studios were manually recreating the same data source across multiple clients within the same Creative Force instance.

Setting up a data source to be used across multiple clients will be much faster now that it will only need to be set up once. Additionally, updating your product data from one single source will result in faster processing. 🚀

Crop & Rotate Updates


We’ve added some new improvements to the cropping ability within Creative Force. Now you can choose between some options when cropping your images:

  • Unconstrained
  • Aspect Ratio
  • Pixel Dimensions, with option to “Scale to Dimensions”

Your team members will have full control over the exact type of crop needed to produce your final approved images!


We heard from our users that there was a need for greater control during the cropping process. Now reviewers can feel confident that the images they are responsible for submitting are cropped to the exact specifications that they need.

Other Improvements

  • Menu updates for additional actions across the E-Comm Jobs and Editorial Production View screens
  • Improved security in Studio Setting & Data Source Setting screens
  • Improved Elastic Search query within Hue & Kelvin
  • When re-triggering Style Guide mapping, ignore in-progress products
  • Improved performance for “Manual Mapping” in the Vendor Portal

Bugs Fixed

  • FIXED: HUE: Incorrect image displayed in Hue task
  • FIXED: HUE: Hue not displaying all of the Panel information
  • FIXED: HUE: Discrepancy between HUE Panel and image showing in Photoshop
  • FIXED: API: Cannot download tasks in HUE
  • FIXED: API: Outbound FTP Transfer Error
  • FIXED: API: Project and Deliverable filter value still showing after the user deletes the Project and Deliverable
  • FIXED: KELVIN: Cannot submit log exception
  • FIXED: GAMMA: Copy typo fixed in the product filters on the Assets view
  • FIXED: GAMMA: Incorrect slide-in shown in specific Editorial case
  • FIXED: GAMMA: Incorrect "Sample created date" field label on the sample panel
  • FIXED: GAMMA: Error message when editing an Editorial team on set in Gamma
  • FIXED: GAMMA: Video thumbnail is darker than the played video