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Sprint Release #105

Sprint 105 Release Note: Upgrading Our Post-production App for Photoshop, Editorial Production Improvements, More Powerful Markup Tools, and More.

The team is recharged after attending the annual Creative Force meetup - this time in an old manor house in west Jutland, Denmark. 👻


As you might have noticed, we didn't deploy this Tuesday as our developers needed to get back home. The deployment was therefore pushed to the weekend.

So enjoy this slightly delayed reading on Sprint Release Day! 🎉


We are happy to announce that the UXP version of our HUE Panel is now in open beta. And why is this important? Well, a while back Adobe Photoshop stopped supporting their old panel technology CEP, for users on Apple Silicon based Macs (M1 + M2).

Our HUE panel was built on CEP technology which meant that CF users, on new macs, had to run on an old version of Photoshop (22.2) or emulate via Rosetta - both suboptimal solutions.


You can download the UXP version of HUE on our download page.

You can read more about UXP Open Beta here.

Editorial Improvements

  • Update scanning method to add sample to project/deliverable.
  • Enrich display image with any display image.
  • Multi-value merge fields delineator.
  • Notify users if the external post task has any errors.
  • Update scanning method to add sample to project/deliverable.

Editorial Improvements

  • General comments now supported.
  • Remember settings from last use. (HD, Line width, history viewer)
  • Keyboard shortcuts for line width.
  • Double Click to Zoom.
  • Handle ESC better.
  • Shift to draw a straight line.
  • "Clear markings" button.
  • History viewer improvements.


  • Data source setting: "Add additional samples when updating".
  • Increase the max number of custom properties for Users from 20 to 50.
  • Vendor portal: Map files to tasks automatically by product code.
  • Property Display & Alerts: Hide empty properties setting.
  • Kelvin: Add client (clientId, clientName) merge field.
  • Optimize query for the preview overlay.
  • Optimize data source full sync for auto jobs.
  • Update vendor logic: Do not send default color ref to Pixelz.
  • VPI Improvements:
    • Auto mapping broken into chunks.
    • Bulk submit is divided into different batches.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Gamma: Can't log in after signup (new user).
  • Fixed: HUE: Can not save new setting for Photoshop.
  • Fixed: Duplicate styling item in client.
  • Fixed: Vendor Portal: Thumbnails are not removed after reset.
  • Fixed: Error when the delivery name is longer than 256 characters.
  • Fixed: Error when adding outfit.
  • Fixed: Kelvin: Error mapping column when importing.
  • Fixed: Kelvin: Must pick sample despite using CF Sample Code.
  • Fixed: Kelvin: Still keep reference images when complete reset.
  • Fixed: Kelvin: No thumbnail for image bigger than 100MB
  • Fixed: Kelvin: Cannot add outfit for samples having multiple values
  • Fixed: Display 3 dots menu when hover in sample area.
  • Fixed: Style guide settings: Validation message when changing the position name.
  • Fixed: No alert on the title when having alert properties of jobs.
  • Fixed: Secondary color references disappear.
  • Fixed: Missing event log when user log out
  • Fixed: Miss product property in Preview overlay screen when entering from the task details of Final selection.
  • Fixed: Editorial project: Not showing alerts on project panel after edit properties.